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The primary concern of any real money gamer is the safety and security of their online transactions on the platform. The PlayRummy app has all the necessary encryptions for absolutely safe deposits and withdrawals making the process a smooth one.

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They provide players with simple online deposit options. The deposits can be made using different options on the android & iOS apps. The app has various payment methods like online wallets, internet banking, debit and credit cards. So, if you like to play rummy with real cash you have arrived at the right platform. Here, all your online dealings are absolutely safe and secure. On clicking the Add Cash option the users will be led to the page where different payment options as shared above are available.

Not only deposits, but PlayRummy also manages to process withdrawals really quickly. Players can easily transfer their winnings from the game directly into their bank account or via a cheque. The minimum winning amount has been set at Rs 200/-.

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Steps to complete PlayRummy Withdrawal

Withdrawing all your funds from your PlayRummy account is super easy. Please follow the steps below to begin the withdrawal process :

  1. Log into your PlayRummy account. Then, go to "My Accounts", followed by "Menu" and then "Withdraw Funds".
  2. Please ensure that vital details such as your Bank documents, mobile number, Email ID and KYC Documents are submitted and thoroughly verified. Once they have been verified, users will be in a position to see their withdrawable balance.
  3. Following this, users can now enter their desired amount from the withdrawable balance. You should click on "Withdraw Now" to complete your transaction. Your PlayRummy withdrawal process has now been completed.

Note: The withdrawal amount will be debited from your playable balance instantly.

How to make deposits on the PlayRummy app

Adding funds to one's PlayRummy account is quite convenient. Here are the steps for the same:

  1. Click on "My Accounts" tab and then move to "Add Funds".
  2. Following that, you have an option to deposit an amount between Rs. 100/- and ₹25000/- . Below the Deposit Amount, there are some wonderful promotional offers available as well. Users can also check the promotions page on the website to see all running and upcoming promotions.
  3. After completing the above steps, please click on the "Submit" option. You can select your preferred mode of transactions, such as debit cards, credit cards as well as net banking to make these transactions.

Withdrawal methods of the app

Currently, PlayRummy withdrawals are allowed after verification of the linked bank account details. They do not have a provision for sending money to a user's UPI, Paytm or Amazon account. Hopefully, those options will be added soon.

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Terms and conditions for PlayRummy withdrawal

Before a player opts for withdrawal, they need to fulfil the KYC formalities within the platform. Once that is done and the details are verified, depositing and taking out money is a cakewalk.

How to do bank verification on the app?

Here are the steps to complete bank verification on the PlayRummy app:

  1. Once you have logged into your PlayRummy account, please click on the "PROFILE" option. Following this, you can go to the "Menu" option, and then select "Bank Info". At this stage, you will be redirected to your bank details page.
  2. Please select the name of your Bank account from the dropdown menu. Following this step, please select the state and city of the country in which your bank account is present.
  3. After the above steps, kindly enter the bank branch's IFSC Code and the Account Holder’s name mentioned in the Passbook in the provided entry field. You can now enter your bank account number and reconfirm the same. The final step is to click on the "Upload" option, and then upload any of the following bank documents - Passbook/Cheque/Statement copy - and then click the save option.
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How to do KYC verification on the app

Following are the steps for KYC verification on the PlayRummy app:

  1. Once you have logged into your PlayRummy account, please click on the "Profile" option. You can then proceed to the menu, where you will see the "ID KYC Documentation" option. After clicking it, you will be redirected to your personal KYC verification page.
  2. Enter your PAN card details in the given fields. This includes uploading your PAN card photo, as well as your 10-digit PAN. Following these instructions, please click on "Save Pancard".
  3. The next step is to select your KYC ID type from the List of Documents, and then click on "Upload" to upload your choice of KYC proof. Enter your "KYC ID number" then Click on "Save KYC ID" to upload your selected document.

Withdrawal time on the PlayRummy app

The PlayRummy withdrawal process is fast and completely secure. It takes approximately 24-48 hours for the company to process withdrawals. Their working hours are between Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. In case a withdrawal request is made on a weekend, it will be processed on a Monday. Once it has been processed, the Bank generally takes another 24-48 hours to send the approved amount into your linked account. In case of any discrepancies, they shall alert you of the deposit activity status via email and their support team will actively help to resolve any deposit issues. In case a player's mobile number is registered with PlayRummy, an SMS/Call will be placed to alert these users as well.

Withdrawal fees of the PlayRummy app

PlayRummy is currently not charging any sort of withdrawal fee in any form whatsoever. This is extremely beneficial, especially to new users who have a very low budget and cannot spend too much on transfer fees.

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Daily Withdrawal limit on the app

The minimum withdrawal amount for PlayRummy is currently set at Rs. 200/-. There is currently no upper limit, as the entire amount can be withdrawn from the app.

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Question Answer
Is the PlayRummy Platform Absolutely Legal in India? PlayRummy is a 100% legal platform to play real cash rummy but with certain restrictions. According to the Supreme Court of India, it is absolutely legal to play rummy online for free across the country. However, in some states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Orissa, Nagaland, Sikkim and Meghalaya, online real money fantasy gaming is currently not permitted.

If users from these 7 states access the platform, or in case a user from any other region where there is an issue with regards to playing online Indian rummy real cash games also tries PlayRummy, their accounts could be suspended or even cancelled.

Can a user disable their account temporarily? Players can request for their accounts to be temporarily blocked if they want to self-exclude themselves for some time. Players can self-exclude themselves for: 48 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months and 6 months by contacting PlayRummy at [email protected].

Once confirmed, these limits cannot be reversed/modified. This is for the player's benefit. If you have a withdrawable balance and wish to withdraw it before closing your account temporarily, then please contact us at the same email address.

Does PlayRummy have gift offers and rewards? PlayRummy offers a 100% Extra Cash bonus up to Rs.1,000/- when the user makes their first deposit. They also offer daily bonus offers and rewards as a part of promotional offers. Referral bonuses are also available if a user can invite their friends to this platform.
How can a user analyze and see if they are playing responsibly? Following are some of the best practices to help you play responsibly:

1. Play rummy in moderation and for entertainment only. Please do not play rummy to make money or escape problems. It is advised to never chase your losses while playing rummy. Please set aside a limited budget for playing rummy, but do not go beyond it in case you are short of cash.
2. You can also make use of the "Add Cash limit" option to help control the amount you spend. For further information, please visit PlayRummy's add cash limits page.
3. The final piece of advice would be to balance time spent on playing rummy with your other hobbies.

Users can also analyze their game behavior by filling out this questionnaire.

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