Playerzpot Withdrawal - How To Withdraw And Deposit Money?


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What is the Playerzpot app?

Playerzpot is a trendy and trusted gaming platform where players use their skills to play fantasy games and win real prizes and daily cash amounts. The platform gives users various gaming experiences like fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, baseball, handball, volleyball, hockey and indoor games like ludo, chess, sheep fight, and many more.

Users play the games according to their own choice and win cash by utilising their free time. There are 10 cr+ daily winnings and 7 million + trusted users. The Playerzpot app is available on Google Play Store and app store for free. You can access the interface on any browser and sign in to your account.

Choose players to build your team and go for the desired public, special, or private pot. Track the score on the leaderboard and claim your earnings. You can also earn from the Playerzpot Redeem code. By sharing their referral code, players can earn a lifetime.

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How to withdraw money from Playerzpot?

  1. Open the application.
  2. Click on the More button.
  3. Go to the profile tab.
  4. Verify your email ID and mobile number.
  5. Go to the wallet section.
  6. Complete your KYC details.
  7. Click on the withdrawal.
  8. Choose your suitable playerzpot withdrawal method from all the options given below.
  9. Accept the terms and conditions.
  10. Click on the Playerzpot withdrawal icon for final submission.

hope you get the point how to withdraw money from playerzpot.

What are the Playerzpot withdrawal methods?

There are three kinds of Playerzpot withdrawal methods available in the app wallet section. These options are instant withdrawal, Paytm, and Bank withdrawal.

For instant and Bank withdrawal, users need to complete their KYC details, but in the Paytm option, users need to verify their email ID and phone number and complete Paytm KYC details. Then the amount will be transferred to the Paytm wallet at that time.

If the KYC details are fulfilled in the app, players can get their payments by instant withdrawal on the same day to their bank account. But, in case of bank withdrawal, you will get the payment between 2-3 days to your bank account.

For more info regarding Playerzpot Withdrawal, watch the following video.

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How to deposit money on the app?

  1. Open the website.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Click on the More option.
  4. Go to the wallet section.
  5. Tap on the deposit icon.
  6. Choose your amount for adding.
  7. Click add money icon.
  8. Choose your suitable payment option.
  9. You are done!

There is no minimum deposit. But, if you deposit a minimum of ₹250 and above, you will get a flat 11% cashback. A user will get a maximum of Rs 10000 cashback during the promotional period. The cashback will be credited within 48 hours of deposit.

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Terms and conditions for withdrawing money

First, you need to complete all your account details, verify your mobile number and email ID. Complete all the KYC details. You should verify your PAN details within 30 days after registering yourself on the app. The minimum amount to withdraw money is ₹150 on the same day, and you can make one transaction within 24 hours.

After that, you can withdraw another amount.

Playerzpot instant withdrawal

Playerzpot minimum withdrawal is ₹100. The Playerzpot withdrawal limit is ₹5000 per day. For withdrawal amount of ₹1000, ₹5 will be charged for withdrawal amount; for ₹1001 to 50000, ₹10 will be charged.

Playerzpot cash withdrawal from the bank

The maximum amount for withdrawal is ₹30,000 per day & playerzpot minimum withdrawal is ₹100. For withdrawal amount of ₹8000, ₹10 will be charged. There should be no previous, pending transaction. The payment will be completed between 2 to 3 working days. To use this feature, users should complete their KYC registration.

Playerzpot PayTM withdrawal

The maximum playerzpot withdrawal paytm amount/day is ₹20000. For playerzpot paytm withdrawal amount of ₹20000 or more, 1% of the transaction will be charged. Users can make one payment within 24 hours per day.

Playerzpot Withdrawal Process

Transaction Charge

Instant Withdrawal

5% per every ₹1000

Paytm Withdrawal

1% for more than ₹2000

Paytm Wallet Withdrawal

1% for more than ₹2000

Bank Withdrawal

₹10 for more than ₹8000

Playerzpot minimum withdrawal paytm?

The minimum withdrawal limit from paytm for Playerzpot is ₹150.

How to verify the bank account on the app

  1. Open the website of Playerzpot from any browser.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Click on the More option.
  4. Go to the wallet section.
  5. Tap on the icon and fill in all the necessary details to complete your KYC.
  6. Fill in your name, DOB (as on PAN Card), bank account number, IFSC code, Aadhaar number, and PAN card number.
  7. Attach the soft copy of your documents like bank passbook, Aadhaar Card, and PAN card.
  8. Click on the Save button.
  9. After 2-3 days your details will be verified, and you will be notified via mail.
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PAN verification

Players need to complete their KYC details, including PAN and bank details. PAN should be verified after 30 days of registration.

Playerzpot withdrawal time

Withdrawal fees and limits are different for different types of withdrawal options. They are already discussed in the previous points. But the minimum limit of withdrawal is ₹150.

  • It is different for the different withdrawal processes.
  • For instant and Paytm, the amount will be credited at the same time of withdrawal.
  • For bank withdrawal, the amount will be credited after 2-3 days.

Why does the Playerzpot withdrawal request get cancelled?

It is to be noted that all transactions made on the Playerzpotapp are processed as per the privacy policies and regulations. These are in connection with the Games only and are final. No amendments of any type can be made to any transaction upon request or so. The Playerzpot app emphasises customer satisfaction. To maintain this as their top priority, only error-oriented transactions across the app shall be reviewed.

Playerzpot App reserves all rights to cancel the Playerzpot withdrawal request due to any circumstances. If any malpractice has been done from the side of the customer, the withdrawal request might get stuck. Sometimes, there are site glitch problems but if you claim your money then don't do that again and again. Claim it for once, and it will process within 24 h₹ Or, you can contact the customer helpline given in the app.

How to cancel the Playerzpot withdrawal request

As customers, if you are not satisfied with the transaction policy of any deposit/withdrawal you performed, or if the transaction process has encountered any sort of an Error, it is advisable to report to the customer support before the request is being processed. It is the sole responsibility of the team to review the transaction and resolve the error faced. The final decision will be made by them at their discretion.

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Question Answer
Is Playerzpot legal? It is legal, and you can enjoy it and play with your friends.
Is it free on Google Play Store, or do I need to pay for it? It is a free application available on Google Play or the App Store. You can download it anytime and access the gameplay anywhere.
Will I get real cash by playing? You can get real cash after winning a certain game which will help you to play further games. It will increase your collected amount.
Is it an 18+ game? This game is sometimes addictive. So it is recommended that the game should be played after 18 years.
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