How to Withdraw and Deposit Money from Big Cash

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Big Cash is India's largest gaming app, where you can earn real money while playing a variety of games. When you download the app, you receive a sign-up bonus of Rs. 10, which you may use to play games. As you go through the game, you earn money that you can then redeem in your Paytm Wallet.

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However, this type of cash contest app has the risk of financial loss. You must be over 18 years of age to use the app. Consider beginning with a tiny sum of cash.

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How to withdraw money from the Big Cash App?

After making some money, you can withdraw money from the Big Cash App and use it. To do this, transfer money from your Big Cash wallet to your Paytm or bank account. Remember that you can withdraw only once in 24 hours. For redeeming your game money for the first time, a minimum of Rs. 50 is required.

Big cash withdrawal
  • To begin, open the app and select ‘Menu’.
  • Now, press the ‘Redeem’ button.
  • Choose between Paytm or a bank account to withdraw your profits.
  • Then, type in the withdrawal amount.
  • Enter your Paytm or UPI ID.
  • Finally, press the ‘Redeem’ button again.
  • These are the steps to how to withdraw money from the Big Cash App.
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Bank account verification on the Big Cash App

Step 1: Register with the language of your choice on the Big Cash App. Then, select any upcoming live fantasy game of your preference to add money to your Big Cash Payments Wallets.

Step 2: For bank account verification, enter your details on the Big Cash application. Next, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile phone to complete the KYC verification process.

Step 3: After completing the KYC process, you can deposit or withdraw money through your Big Cash Payments Wallet, and your money transfer request will be completed instantly.[1]

How to deposit money on Big Cash?

Once you have used the registration bonus, you will need to fund your wallet to play games. A number of payment alternatives are available. Do not worry about security – Big Cash employs a reputable payment processor to keep your funds secure.

  • Open the app and enter your Big Cash login information if you have not logged in already.
  • Select ‘Menu’ from the menu bar.
  • Now, press the ‘Add Cash’ button.
  • Fill in the required amount. A minimum of Rs. 20 is a must.
  • Then, select your preferred mode of payment. To deposit money, you can use Paytm or UPI.
  • Make the payment.
Big cash deposits

And that is all there is to it when it comes to adding money on Big Cash.

Please do not put a large sum of money into it. Begin with a small quantity and work your way up.

What are the methods for money withdrawal on Big Cash App?

You may have questions about how to withdraw money from the Big Cash App. Big Cash retains the right, according to its terms and conditions, to create additional wallets, including sub-wallets, within the user's account for payment processing and reconciliation as needed.

Amounts in a user's accounts may not be moved to any other or third-party account, including a third-party bank account.

Winnings from any monetary contest will be credited to the qualified user's Winnings Account.

Any token-contest winnings will be credited to the qualified user's unused account.

Payments made via the designated payment method will be credited to the eligible user's unused account.

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PAN card verification on the Big Cash App

Step 1: After registration on the Jeet11 app, enter your PAN Card No. and AADHAR details to access the live fantasy gaming experience with real money.

Step 2: After your PAN card verification, you will receive a mail response on your registered email ID to prove your authorization for a money transfer on the Big Cash App.[4]

Withdrawal time on the App

People above 18 years old can only use big Cash. You can only withdraw money from this app once per 24 hours. To redeem money for the first time, you need a minimum of 50 rupees; after that, 100 rupees. You can also use the Big Cash redeem code to withdraw money.

Withdrawal fees of the Big Cash App

Service charges in the form of withdrawal fees are deducted on every money transfer request on the Big Cash App. These charges may range from approximately 5-10% of the total winning amount transferred to your bank accounts.

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Big Cash withdrawal limit

The daily big cash withdrawal limit is 10000 INR because that is the maximum bank transfer limit on the app.

Why do withdrawal requests get canceled on the app?

Due to much traffic on the payment platforms and numerous money transfer requests, app users may face withdrawal request cancellations, but you can quickly contact the Big Cash App support staff.

When will the withdrawal be processed?

The money withdrawal requests of the online players will be processed within the next 24 to 48 hours of their filing on the Big Cash Payments forum.

  • Per the laws of certain Indian states, the Company may prohibit residents of those jurisdictions from participating in the contest(s). Individuals residing in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana are currently unable to participate in certain games because they have laws prohibiting them from participating in games where participants must pay to play.
  • To participate in the games and win prizes, only eligible users who have successfully registered on the platforms following the criteria stated in this policy are eligible.

App withdrawal fees and taxes

Users often question whether withdrawing money from the Big Cash App has any fees or taxes payable.

The winners are responsible for paying all additional applicable taxes, such as income tax, gift tax, and so on regarding the prize money.

The transaction time for withdrawals and cancellation

Any transactions on the platform may take up to 24 hours to process, depending on the time it takes for bank reconciliations and any other external dependencies the company has on third parties. It may take up to 24 hours for any amount paid or transferred into the eligible ‘Winnings Account’ to appear in the user’s account. A definitive transaction, once confirmed, cannot be canceled.

What are the terms and conditions for withdrawing money from Big Cash?

All amounts collected from the eligible user are retained in a separate ‘Big Cash Wallet’ maintained by the company, subject to these terms and conditions. Payouts may be issued to:

(a) Eligible Users (towards withdrawals).

(b) Companies (towards platform fees).

(c) The Government (towards TDS on Winnings Amount) by any means deemed appropriate by the Company.

Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash or in kind. There will be no cash payouts in lieu of in-kind prizes.

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Question Answer
Is it legal to play Big Cash in India? Yes, games of skill are permitted in India. Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana residents can now not participate in certain games due to unclear legislation forbidding their participation in skill games where participants must pay to play.
Is it possible to deposit my winnings into my bank account? Yes, you can use UPI to redeem your winnings to deposit them into your bank account through the Big Cash app.
How do I withdraw money and the big cash minimum withdrawal? You can send money to your Paytm or bank account from your Big Cash wallet. The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 50.
What are Big Cash's customer care details? Customer service for Big Cash may be reached at [email protected].
Who is an eligible user as per the Big Cash app? A ‘user’ is defined as someone who:

1. Is above the legal age of 18;

2. Currently resides in India;

3. Owns an active phone number;

4. Holds a valid PAN card.

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