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Word games have always been a coveted favorite for those enticed by the English language. In recent times, people’s affinity to improve their vocabulary and enhance their abilities in the language has provoked many app developers to come up with android and iOS versions of popular games. While Scattergories, Words with Friends, etc. have taken on a life of their own, there is one uber-popular game show that originated on television but was soon replicated by Scopely as an app.

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Inspired by the TV show, the concept of this app remains the same, except on the app you can partake in the game with multiple people spread across the globe. This app has drawn a huge user base in a very little timeframe because who doesn’t want to become a wheel savant, right?

Today, we will discuss the Wheel of Fortune app and how to hack Wheel of Fortune, and how you can use our Wheel of Fortune tricks to improve your gameplay and earn exciting prizes. So, let’s begin.

What is the Wheel of Fortune app?

The Wheel of Fortune app is a game of building words. People often mistake it for a spinning wheel game like those you find in casinos but this one is better. Here, you will find some letters of a word or phrase revealed to you like cryptography and you have to guess the remaining alphabets to discover the term. That’s where our helpful Wheel of Fortune tips come into the picture.

The producers of the Emmy-winning game show formulated the words that are used in gameplay. You have to keep guessing till you uncover the missing letters. On the game show, people can just declare the word but here, you have to take it one letter at a time. You can use our Wheel of Fortune tricks to uncover these words faster and win more prizes.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak are at the ready on the app to turn the letters in animation. You will be spinning a wheel, of course, as it is part of the title and the concept of the original game show. If you are unfamiliar with the show or unclear on how to play and win, we have a list of helpful tips as to how to hack Wheel of Fortune and earn your prize.

Let us first see how to play the game before we reveal how to hack Wheel of Fortune.

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How to play on the Wheel of Fortune app?

As we have mentioned, the concept of this app is similar to the TV game show called Wheel of Fortune. You will see a list of topics and words pertaining to them. The letters will be blocked out, so you need to use a good Wheel of Fortune strategy in order to uncover the letters and reveal the phrase.

You will have to click on letters to start off and uncover each letter one by one to reveal each word as you go along. The vowels can be purchased and that is one of the tricks on how to hack Wheel of Fortune. We will share that trick in a minute.

There is a timer in Wheel of Fortune that will run down and you need to be really quick about guessing the right letters. Once you start uncovering the letters, you will get possible ideas as to what the word can be. If the game seems too difficult, you can use hints to reveal a useful letter or word.

You also have bonus rounds in the gameplay where you stand to win additional cash prizes and cool goodies. This is really the place to use your Wheel of Fortune tricks and collect a lot of bonuses. They will not only help you in future rounds but you can earn souvenirs too.

You can spin the wheel at any time and that’s where you get your cash prize. The problem is, if the wheel stops on ‘Bankrupt,’ you lose all your earnings and points. It is important to know when to buy when to spin, and when to just keep guessing. That is why we strongly believe that when you know how to hack Wheel of Fortune using our tips and tricks, it makes it easier to win. The big wheel is unpredictable, so don’t fall into its trap hoping for a shortcut.

That said, let us take a look at some useful Wheel of Fortune tricks that will help you in the gameplay. We will also share a useful Wheel of Fortune strategy so keep reading. We have a bonus for you as well.

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Tips on how to hack Wheel of Fortune

Now, when we say Wheel of Fortune hack, we sincerely hope that you don’t consider using external apps to hack into the app or cheat. The whole concept of the game is to improve your skills in vocabulary and earn prizes, which is somewhat defeated when you cheat, don’t you think?

No, instead of that, why don’t we look at a few Wheel of Fortune tips. You can still learn how to win Wheel of Fortune, only it will be in a legal way that does not violate the internal policies of the app and get your account banned.

Here is a few Wheel of Fortune tips that you can use:

  • You will often face the conundrum of whether you should or should not buy. As we have mentioned, the wheel is unpredictable but very tempting. It can bankrupt you any second, so you need to have a Wheel of Fortune strategy in place to decide when to buy and when to hold back.
  • Try to hold off on buying vowels till you absolutely need them. While they make it easier to guess the word, the operative word here is ‘buy.’ You need to have enough balance in your Wheel of Fortune app to purchase vowels. Instead, try to guess the consonants to make it easier. Not all combinations of 26 alphabets give similar responses, so you are better off with this Wheel of Fortune strategy.
  • Save your hints to use in the bonus rounds. If you are looking for ways on how to hack Wheel of Fortune, this is the motherlode. These bonus rounds award you higher amounts of money and prizes. It is best to use the hints here so you can accumulate a lot of rewards without sweat.
  • Meet your daily goals and vote for the puzzles in which you participated. Not only does it help the developers strategize to make the puzzles harder or simpler but meeting your daily goals amplifies your rewards.
  • Make a list of the consonants that simplify guessing the word. We will share a list to aid you in developing your Wheel of Fortune strategy.
  • Don’t change the category of the words unless you absolutely have to. Take some time to try out the same category since trying to change it will cost you diamonds. These are hard to come by.
  • Don’t let the timer run down if you want to keep earning your cash rewards.

Developing a good Wheel of Fortune strategy takes time. You will need to get accustomed to the timer, faster guesswork, using the wheel, hints, vowels, etc. The gameplay is actually quite difficult even if the concept is simple.

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The top strategy for how to win Wheel of Fortune

To earn a sufficient amount of cash, you need a good Wheel of Fortune strategy. Luckily, we have just the thing for you:

  • Start by quickly scanning the blank phrase for any punctuations that will indicate specific words.
  • Now spin the wheel once. It will cost you but at least the app will reveal a significant count of letters.
  • If you can start guessing, that’s terrific. If not, consider spinning again or buying the vowels. They will reveal more of the words and you can complete the puzzle quickly.
  • Keep an eye on the timer. You have about a minute to guess a whole phrase letter by letter.
  • There are consonants that have better chances of being in most phrases. Keep this list handy and try them out: C, D, H, L, M, N, P, R, S, T.
  • Earn diamonds by connecting your app to Facebook. This Wheel of Fortune trick will earn you 300 diamonds. You can continue to complete more free offers in the app and earn more diamonds.
  • Finish your daily goals, even if you don’t want to play for a long period of time.
  • Store your hints for the bonus rounds and unleash the load to earn a lot of cash and goodies.

There is one disclaimer that we need to reveal at this point. The cash you earn in Wheel of Fortune is only good in the app. Now you know why there is no need to use cheats to learn how to hack Wheel of Fortune. It is a fun game so enjoy it and keep learning.

And now for the bonus that we promised you.

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

While using the Wheel of Fortune hacks to earn on the app may seem like a viable choice for spending a lazy Sunday afternoon, why not play games on a site that lets you earn money while you play?

GetMega is a genuine online site that offers a lot of different types of games, and when you win, you earn real money. There are trivia games to exercise your mind and test your knowledge in different subjects. There are casual games that you can play to relax or competitively, as per your philosophical bend. You can even play casino games like Poker and Rummy to earn tons of cash.

To start you off, GetMega offers different rewards as a signup bonus and also for each successful referral that you make. These rewards are worth real money so don’t write them off as useless in-app benefits. You can use these rewards to start playing games on the platform.

You can choose which games you like from the drop-down menu. There are cash events pertaining to each game starting from only Rs. 5. Once you start developing your strategies, you can switch to challenging contests and tournaments for low stakes and high stakes as you prefer.

If you find a game that you really like but don’t know how to play, simply access the rules and strategies on the site. You can take some time to personalize them and make them good enough so you earn every single game. You can also pick up new strategies while playing with professionals.

GetMega only allows verified and genuine users to partake in games on the platform. No bots, frauds, and other cheaters are allowed. They also use secure payment platforms like Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe, etc. to keep your money well protected. You can use these payment gateways to deposit money in your GetMega wallet or withdraw them as well.

GetMega is a truly genius site that facilitates earning money by winning the simplest games. Of course, you can find challenging games too and embark upon a personal adventure to become a professional gamer of poker and rummy player. If you want to earn money in your free time by doing what you love and what relaxes you, then GetMega is your ultimate destination.

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