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The popularity of online cash rummy has been growing day by day. Silkrummy is India’s best online rummy game site. Skill games like cash rummy are 100 percent legal to play in India.

There are a variety of games that you can play to enjoy with friends here!
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It requires skills to play, leaving no chance for luck or chance. Silkrummy offers exclusive online rummy awards. Also, every transaction with silkrummy is 100 % safe and secure. They brought the game, which was previously limited to small groups of friends and family, with a digital avatar. Now let us take a detailed look at the app and its functioning.


  • Silkrummy provides online rummy games with maximum security. The information shared with them is secure whether you operate it through a website or an app.
  • It gives you a seamless gaming experience with up-to-date technology.
  • It can be used on multiple platforms like IOS, Android, and PC.
  • You also get a welcome bonus of up to Rs 5000 on your first deposit to play rummy cash games.


Silkrummy was launched in 2019. Over time as we all know, rummy has not only remained a game but has evolved as a rummy culture. India having a long history of board games makes it ideal for games like rummy, and this fantastic app gives you that experience. Rummy’s online sites like have managed to keep the essence of the game intact. Playing rummy online is as good as playing with actual cards with the added advantage of playing anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

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How to download the Silkrummy App for Android/IOS?

The silkrummy app is available on Playstore for download. You can search for ‘silkrummy’ on the google play store and app store for ios users. Below are some steps which you need to follow to download the app.

Once the silkrummy apk file is downloaded, you need to install it. You may receive specific warning signals but there is no need to worry about just making the given change below.

2. Open the settings on the google play store and click on Play Protect.

3. Now, after that, open the right corner ‘gear’ icon.

4. Disable ‘improve harmful app detection”.

5. Allow unknown sources to install the app.

Now here you go; you can enjoy the app.

How to use Skillrummy on PC/MAC?

No need to download the app on pc or mac. You can open their online website, which is

How to register/login, signup and create an account on the app/website?

  • First, you need to click on login and then on register on the same right corner of the app/website.
  • Then enter your username, email id, password and confirm the password, gender.
  • Then you can click on the register for free.
  • You can also register on silkrummy using Facebook or Google, as mentioned.
  • You will have to type your phone number
  • Then you will receive an OTP.
  • Once you have created your account. BOOM
  • You can log in, and the app is ready to use.

How to play on the app/website?


  • The rummy game is played between 2-6 players with two decks of cards. Each player receives 13 cards, and a wild card is drawn.
  • The player must draw and discard cards to form valid sets and sequences.
  • If players have three sequences, including a pure set, he/she wins the game.


  • Forming sequences and sets

-A run has at least three consecutive cards of the same suit.

-A sequence can also be made using a joker, but to finish a 13 cards rummy game, you need to have at least one pure sequence with no joker/wild card.

-A set has three cards of the same rank with differing suits.

  • How to finish the game

As per rummy rules, when a player has all the sets and sequences, they can finish the game by discarding the card into the finish slot.

  • How scoring is done

Players who arrange their cards first in sets and sequences wins the game, and the remaining players score according to the remaining cards in hand.

Each card has specific points.


All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value; for example, 2 carries 2 points, 4 = 4 points and so on.


  • Once the users log in to the website/app, he/she will be directed to the lobby page.
  • Click on the type of game you wish to play (fun cash/real cash).
  • Now click on the game variant.
  • Choose a table and click on join.
  • The game table will pop on in a new window.


  • In the game table window, click sit here to join.
  • Once you click on it, the buy-in window will come asking you for the amount of money you wish to take to the table.
  • After this process, you’ll be seated.

Types of rummy variants at Silkrummy


These are Indian rummy free practice games that can be played several times. When you join silkrummy, you are eligible to receive a 100% bonus of up to Rs. 5000 on your first deposit before you start playing the game online.


This is the fastest card game. Each online game has single gameplay or offer, and the winner gets all the cash against the points scored.


It is played up to 6 players per table and is the most exciting game. There is comfort in playing such games but it rewards you big rewards.


In this, the result of a rummy game is decided at the end of a pre-determined number of rounds between players. For example, best of 2 or 3 rounds, deals rummy, etc.


This is the classic card game rummy consisting of jokers and wild cards. The interest in the game is the highest with the least complicated rules.


Play free or cash games available 24 hours a day. You can choose which variant you would like to play. You can also reserve your seats and join the game in the tournaments.

How to earn money using Silkrummy game

Silkrummy is a reliable gaming platform. They have earned the reputation of being the most recognized and reliable rummy portal in India for hosting an online competition to make money in rummy.

There are attractive rummy cash bonuses and rummy cash games. There are rummy game promotions that attract you to the rewards.

Also, you can get up to a 20% refund if you lose your deposit during the refund promotions.

There are rummy surprises at silkrummy, which get fabulous rewards as royalty and help you win tonnes of surprise rewards.

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Question Answer
Is silkrummy legal in India? Yes, silkrummy is legal in India. The game rules and its play are very secure and simple.
Can I join the rummy card game when it is in progress? Yes, in a points rummy game, you can join the game at any time.
How do I create an account to play rummy games? You can create an account at for free.
Can I play rummy online without cash? You can log in and play rummy practice games for free on the silkrummy website or app until you are ready.
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