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What is Qrumble Box?

Qrumble Box is a trivia game app that helps you earn money by winning quizzes. You can also challenge your colleagues and friends to fun quizzes and earn money by defeating them. The winning amount can be withdrawn in the form of PayTM cash. The topics for the quiz can be anything from sports, taglines, vocabulary, Bollywood, Game of Thrones, etc. You name it, and the category will be available in this wonderful trivia game. The best thing is that you can choose the categories you might excel in.

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Remarkable Features of Qrumble Box

Here are some outstanding features of Qrumble Box:

  • Rs. 10 is provided for registering on the site. Also, you get Rs. 10 for each referral.
  • Qrumble Box can be downloaded for free on mobile phones.
  • Android phones starting from 1.4 and above can be used to play this quiz game.
  • The app gets updated with the latest versions consistently to offer a better experience to the customers.
  • You get a wide choice of categories to choose the quizzes from on Qrumble Box.

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Launched in 2017, Qrumble Box is a free quiz game that falls in the puzzle and word games category. It is available for Android phone users, not PC, iOS, or Windows phone users. You might be able to play it by installing an Android emulator on your desktop or laptop. Qrumble Box can be downloaded without paying anything, and neither do you need to deposit any cash to start playing games. It was available on Google Play Store earlier, but now you must use third-party sites to download it. However, be cautious while downloading apps from third-party sites.

How to download Qrumble Box for Android and iOS devices?

Qrumble Box is not available on iOS and Google Play Store. However, it can be downloaded from ApkMonk by using the below steps:

  • Open ApkMonk from your mobile. Search ‘QrumbleBox’ in the search bar. Alternatively, you can also find it directly via this link: www.apkmonk.com/download-app/com.mobiquel.qrumblebox/2_com.mobiquel.qrumblebox_2017-01-25.apk/
  • Once you find the game, tap on the Download APK button for installing it. After downloading the app, click on the ‘install’ button to install it on your device.
  • Now, you can open the Qrumble Box app, register on it, and start playing your favorite quizzes.

Note: Qrumble Box is only compatible with Android devices.

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How to Register, Login, Sign-up, and Create an Account on Qrumble Box?

Follow these steps to create an account on Qrumble Box:

  • Open the Qrumble Box app on your phone. You will see an option to sign-up with Google+. Tap on this option.
Qrumble Login
  • Choose the email ID you want to register on this app. Allow Qrumble Box to access your Google Account.
sing up Qrumble Box app
  • You will be automatically logged in to the app upon giving access. Another way is to register by using a mobile number and email ID. After filling in the details in Qrumble Box app, you will receive an OTP on your registered number. Enter it in the designated box to verify your account. Once your account is confirmed, you can start playing games.

How to use Qrumble Box for Playing?

To play Qrumble Box on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  • Download the Qrumble Box on your phone and install it. Open the app and register on it with your mobile number and email ID. Upon account creation, you can choose from the categories of quizzes.
  • You can also challenge your friend by inviting them to the Qrumble Box app. For that, you just have to tap on the ‘Challenge the friend’ option and choose the friend you want to challenge.
invite friend
  • Once your friend accepts your invite, you both can start playing. The friends who are already using the app will get a notification through their app. However, those who have not installed this app will get an invite link that you can share via Whatsapp or SMS.

Types of Games in Qrumble Box

There are various categories of quizzes and trivia games on Qrumble Box. These categories include cricket, movies, sports, Harry Potter, capitals, taglines, and more. You need to complete a quiz within 50 seconds to win it. By beating your friend in a quiz game, you not only earn the money but also their respect and admiration.

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How to Play A Quiz on the Qrumble Box?

The following steps can be followed to play a quiz in the Qrumble Box app:

  • Launch the Qrumble Box app on your mobile. Login with your mobile number and choose the game from different available categories.
Qrumble box Quiz
  • Open the quiz directly and play online. Or else, invite your friends and play with them. A question will appear on the screen. You will have to choose the correct answer to proceed further.
Qrumbles box Quiz

  • After completing all the questions, the player who answers the maximum correct answers will win the game. Each right answer will increase the points known as Qrumbles. The player who has maximum Qrumbles will win the winning prize.
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How to Play Games at GetMega?

GetMega is a gaming app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. It contains many categories of games along with puzzles, quizzes, and trivia games. Each game will help you win points that can be redeemed for cash. You can also participate in daily tournaments to win extra money. The best thing about this app is that it provides a secure and safe platform for online deposits and withdrawals. Following instructions can be followed to download and play games on GetMega:

  • Visit GetMega’s official website and enter your mobile number. An SMS with the download URL will be instantly sent to your mobile number.
  • Click on the download link and install the app on your device. Open the app and browse your favorite games. Earn rewards and points and convert them into money easily. Withdraw your earnings through different gateways at your convenience.
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Question Answer
How much should I win on GetMega to be able to withdraw money? After earning Rs. 50, you can withdraw the money to your PayTM account.
Is Qrumble Box safe? Yes, it is a safe game as it does not come under the gambling type of games.
Who can play quizzes on the Qrumble Box? Anyone who is older than 18 can play quizzes and trivia games on Qrumble Box.
How to download Qrumble Box on mobile? Unfortunately, Qrumble Box is not available on Google Play Store or App Store at the moment. Therefore, you will have to download it from a third-party website. However, be careful as such websites might be ridden with viruses and malware.

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