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Brief About the App

With emerging trends in modern technology embedded in online gaming, betting games have conquered a massive chunk of the gaming sector. Parimatch is a fantastic platform for players interested in betting games. It is a betting site that provides an end-to-end user experience coupled with a unique interface and attractive layout.

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It is a masterpiece for players involved in day-to-day online betting, whether at the beginner level or an advanced level. Through Parimatch, it is easy to bet on your favorite sport and earn via a simple yet efficient way of money transaction. Parimatch is a reputed brand connecting over 1 million betting players worldwide over numerous games that interest them. In this article, you will get to know about Parimatch app download, installation, registration, Parimatch login, and how to use the app.

Features of the App

  1. Worldwide online betting on any sport of your choice
  2. Register and get a chance to win real cash
  3. Horse race betting
  4. Simple and user-friendly interface
  5. Biggest virtual sports betting site in India
  6. Most convenient transaction methods, including UPI, Paytm
  7. Welcome bonus offers from INR 9,000 to INR 12,000
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History of the App

Parimatch was launched in 1994 in Kyiv, Ukraine, and was soon introduced to the Russian market in 1998. The feature of online betting was added to the website in the year 2000. Soon, it expanded its market to Georgia and Tanzania. In 2019, Parimatch appointed Conor McGregor as its brand ambassador, which marked an important phase in the history of Parimatch.

The company became a part of the Esports Integrity Commission a year later to find an effective solution to cheating and fraud in esports. Soon it expanded its circle to India and saw a massive demand in the Indian market. Steadily pacing towards the zenith of one of the best betting apps, Parimatch became the first betting company in Ukraine to purchase a license in the year 2021.

How to Download Parimatch for Android & iOS

Follow these few simple steps for Parimatch App download on Android and iOS:

  1. Search Parimatch on Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.
  2. You can also search "Parimatch apk" or "Parimatch app download" on Google search.
  3. Click Install/Get to let the download process begin.
  4. Click on Open once the installation is over.
  5. Parimatch updates may take place from time to time.

Once the Parimatch download is completed, next step is singup and login process.

How To Do: Parimatch Login, Sign Up, Registration, and Create an Account on the App/Parimatch Website

Follow these steps for Parimatch login, registration, sign up and successfully create an account on Parimatch:

  1. Click on join Parimatch India now to access the Parimatch website.
  2. Click on the yellow ‘Get It Now’ button.
  3. Click on the Sign-Up button in the top right corner of Parimatch Sign Up's web page.
  4. Put down your personal information, including your phone number.
    Great! You are good to login to parimatch and begin betting on the app now! In this way, Parimatch login and Parimatch registration get done.
  5. One of the ultimate features of Parimatch is that they accept some of the most popular payment systems in India and make the deposit process smooth for Indian players. Some of the payment methods you can use on Parimatch include - Paytm, NetBanking, UPI, Cryptocurrency, Neteller, Skrill, AstroPay Card.

Now you have successfully completed Parimatch apk download and sign up process, lets learn to play on Parimatch.

How to Use Parimatch and How to Play on the App?

The Parimatch online app facilitates you with a wide range of actions that can guarantee earning of money in a few simple steps. Online sports betting and online casinos are the two most popular sources of income from the app.

  • To explore your account functions, head to the account menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
Parimatch app download
Parimatch apk download
  • The menu shows a list of several options for your account you can choose from.
Parimatch app download for android

You can now -

  • Verify your details.
  • Manage your transactions and deposit or withdraw your earnings.
  • View your payment history.
  • Access your open and settled bets.
  • Benefit from custom promo offers and betting deals.
  • Modify your account settings according to your preferences.
  • Enable/disable the cash-out function as per your choice.
  • Enable/disable accepting odds changes as per your choice.
  • Earn bonuses with the Parimatch loyalty program.
  • Try your luck at jackpot wins.

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Types of Games This App Offers

Parimatch apps has a vast collection of offers on betting sports for all types of players to choose from. This makes it one of the most universally used betting apps available in the market. In addition, the virtualization of sports has allowed the app to expand its user base across a wide geographic range. By doing Parimatch login, you can play exciting games of Cricket, Football, Esports, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Casino games, Horse Racing, Golf, and much more!

How to Play IPL Betting on the App?

  1. Simply click on the sport you wish to bet on to place a bet.
  2. A new list will appear in the menu to the right.
  3. This menu will display all the different countries, leagues, or tournaments you can bet on.

So let's say you want to bet on an IPL cricket match. How would you do it?

  1. First select cricket in the list of sports.
  2. Then select the country India.
  3. Now click on the Indian Premier League.
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How to Earn Money Using the App

  1. Tick on the menu option in Parimatch. Go to the Parimatch app menu.
  2. Tick on finances. Click on finances from the menu.
  3. Tick on withdrawals. Go to the withdrawal page.
  4. Choose your preferred payment option. Select a suitable payment method from the list.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Type in the amount you wish to withdraw from Parimatch.
  6. Give the personal data and documents. Provide all the necessary details and documents.
  7. Continue and wait for confirmation. Wait a bit for the confirmation email.
  8. After verification, contact customer service. Contact the Parimatch customer service for further help.
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Question Answer
What is needed to get verified? A color photo of your Aadhaar card is needed to get verified.
How long does it take to get verified? Usually, it takes no longer than 24 hours.
My deposit was unsuccessful. Will I get a refund? Yes. Within 14 business days, the sum should be credited to your account or returned to your bank account.
I've made a withdrawal, but the status shows "pending." What should I do? Please wait while the withdrawal is in progress. Withdrawal via NetBanking may take up to 48 hours, and other payment systems may take up to 15 minutes.
How long does it take to receive the withdrawal? Depending on the payment system you choose for withdrawal, the process may take 15 minutes to 48 hours.
I tried to activate my phone number but didn't receive a verification code. What should I do? Please contact the support team and provide your phone number to help you with this issue.
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