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Nostra Pro is a fantasy game app that has several fantasy games including fantasy cricket, fantasy table tennis, card games, casual games and many more.

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It even has its own Nostra Quiz, wherein you can choose a quiz of your interest and win cash prizes on getting all the answers correct. There are many categories of quizzes, such as sports, general knowledge, Bollywood, and more.

Features of Nostra Pro Online App

● Many contests for a single game

● Nostra Pro Login is an easy and simple process

● Along with football and cricket, you can also play other mobile games; it has games for every kind of gamer

● It offers both low and high amount contests

● It is an interactive app as you can also chat with other users and make friends

● The prize money you win is easy to redeem

● You can play in the language of your choice

Caution: It’s an addictive game and involves finance risks. You must be 18+ and not reside in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam and others, where such apps are banned.

History of the App

Nostra Pro or NostraDamus was started with the idea of “Game of Skill” for judgment and skill-based contests. Since its launch over fiver years ago, the company has sought to promote responsible gaming across its users to avoid any addiction and promote healthy consumption of entertainment. Further, the company has always strived to be in accordance with law and hence has continued the surveillance of any unhealthy or illegal practice. Till date, Nostra Pro has been perceived to provide a hassle free and healthy gaming experience to its users.

How to Download Nostra Pro App

You can easily download the Nostra Pro App for Android by following these simple steps (for devices lower than Android 8):

  1. Search for nostra app on any search engine or just download it from nostragamus website
  2. Open the site and scroll down to the 'Download App' button.
  3. Click on the button to start downloading the Nostra Pro Online app.
  4. Check the notification bar of your mobile phone, there will be a notification for Nostra Pro Online.

2. Click on the notification.

3. After this click on the settings button of the pop up box, it will open your phone settings.

4. You will receive another pop up for the installation of the app, select Install.

And by following these steps will allow you to gain access to the Nostra Pro Online.

For android devices higher than android 8. It's just one step different from the download process in mobile lower than Android 8. You just need to give permission to chrome for the app.

How to Register on Nostra Pro App

Before playing any game on Nostra Pro, you need to make an account by registering yourself as a verified user. Nostra Pro Login requires you to create an account, you need to enter a few details, such as your name, email ID or mobile number. These details help you at the time of withdrawal of money.

  1. Open the Nostra Pro Login page
  2. Enter your phone number and write your name.
  3. On the Nostra Pro Login page you can use the referral code if someone has given you one. You can use this code to claim rewards.

The referral code you enter on Nostra Pro Login page is beneficial for both the parties: the person providing the code also gets some money and so does the person receiving it. You can use this money to play the game.

  1. Once you have filled in all the details, you will need to accept the terms and conditions presented by the Nostra Pro Update. Read all the rules and regulations carefully.
  2. The app will then send you an OTP; you must enter this code in order to get through the login process. The app will ask for a new OTP for every time you log in to the game.

1. Once you enter the provided OTP, click on submit OTP.

2. You can now start playing.

Nostra Pro App: How To Play

  1. With an easy user interface, you can start playing the game immediately after registering on the app.
  2. Scroll through the live matches on the app and select one. You can select any sport of your choice.
  3. It has football, tennis, badminton, and other mobile games.
  4. Click on the play button for the match you chose.
  5. Choose a contest from the available options.
  6. Click the join button for the game you selected.
  7. And then you will need to answer some questions.
  8. For every right answer, you will win some money.
  9. Before playing any game, you will first need to pay a certain amount of money to join the game.

Types of Games on Nostra Pro

Nostra Pro has all kinds of games, including the fantasy games and mobile games a person usually plays on their mobile phone.

It includes hockey, card games like poker, football, cricket, tennis etc.

How to Earn Money With Nostra Pro

  1. Pay for the contest and start winning. You can later withdraw your money through Paytm and bank.

You can earn money from this app by playing mobile games.

  1. When you play any game, you pay a certain amount of entry fees.
  2. If you win the game, you will earn a cash prize that can be redeemed. Winning any game let's you win a good amount of money.
  3. Every game has different prize money, winning any game will give you a different amount of prize money. You can later collect them all through the withdraw option in your wallet.
  4. Right answer will get you money and the wrong answer will lead to deduction.
  5. At the end you can collect your money through the app.

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For further details you can check the website and start earning money for playing all your favourite games and quizzes.

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Question Answer
What fantasy sports are available on Nostra Pro app? It has all the fantasy games including fantasy cricket, fantasy tennis, fantasy football and all the games that are popular among the gamers.
Are fantasy sports considered gambling? Some may definitely argue on this statement but the app believes that winning depends on one's skill and not luck.
How closely do fantasy sports replicate and resemble real sport? Fantasy sports do not replicate the real games but try to keep their game as realistic as possible.
How can someone transfer the won money into their bank accounts? When you win any game, the winning amount is deposited in your game account and you can withdraw money from there.

You just need to go to your wallet and enter the amount. The app gives two options for money withdrawal via Paytm and bank.

What details does a user have to provide for registering? You will need to enter your email ID or your mobile number. For extra security, an OTP is sent to your mail or mobile number.
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