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Brief About the App

Are you the Ludo King or Queen in your household? Do you always roll early 6's? Are you the orchestrator of strategic symphonies which leave the other players trapped within your ludicrous Ludo schemes? Then you need to complete the Ludo Fantasy app download!

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The Ludo fantasy app is a market leader that allows you to stake real money on your victory strategies while playing Ludo. With your participation, after completing the Ludo fantasy app download, you can invite your close friends and start playing high stakes Ludo matches which are immensely engaging while being safe and socially distanced in the comfort of your own home.

Superstar features of the Ludo Fantasy app

  • Multiplayer gaming compatible.
  • Stake real money on games to multiply the thrill.
  • Earn real money by outsmarting your opponents.
  • Practice mode allows you to polish your skills without staking real money.
  • Four and six-player gaming modes.
  • A social media integrated system will enable users to challenge friends via their favorite public platforms.
  • Refer the games to your friends and earn real money when they complete the Ludo Fantasy app download

History of the Ludo Fantasy app

The Ludo Fantasy app revolutionizes an intergenerational, popular and universally loved board game by making it digitally available. As you have probably guessed, this app was materialized by exceptionally gifted and aware Indian minds. Two IIT Kanpur alumni who are successful serial entrepreneurs saw the gap in the market, which required the digitisation of classic family games like Ludo.

How to download the Ludo Fantasy app on Android and iOS

Congratulations on finding the best mobile app that has digitized India's favorite board game into engaging, interactive, exciting, multiplayer and enables you to make real money while having fun. Undoubtedly, you are as excited to start playing after downloading the Ludo Fantasy app. Lucky for you that the Ludo Fantasy app is available both on Android and iOS. Just follow this list of steps to initiate the Ludo Fantasy app download.

Here's how to download the app for Android:

1. Unlock your phone and open the Google Play Store

2. Go to the search bar

3. Type 'Ludo Fantasy' on the search bar

4. Select the Ludo Fantasy app

5. Click on the 'Install' icon, and you have successfully initiated the Ludo Fantasy app

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​Are you an iPhone user who's waiting to complete the Ludo Fantasy app download and start challenging and defeating your friends? Read this walkthrough and quickly access the entertaining and exciting features of Ludo Fantasy via IoS:

1. Visit the app store

2. Type the Ludo Fantasy app in the search bar

3. Select the Ludo Fantasy app

4. Select the 'Get' option

5. The app is now downloaded and installed onto your iPhone

How to install the Ludo Fantasy app on your PC or Mac

Are you someone who prefers the convenience of a big screen to engage in online gaming? This process will help you to initiate the Ludo Fantasy app download on your Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac computer.

The Ludo Fantasy app will be hosted on your computer by availing the services of Nox App Player or BlueStacks.

I How to use Nox App Player to enable Ludo Fantasy app download on PC (Windows and MAC):

1. Start by downloading Nox App Player

2. Install the Nox App program onto your PC

3. After successful installation, launch Nox App Player by clicking on its icon

4. On launching the Nox App Player, log in using your Google account

5. Go to the Tab searcher and search for: Ludo Fantasy

6. Install the Ludo Fantasy app onto Nox App Player

7. Once the Ludo Fantasy app download has been completed, you will be able to use the app on your PC

II. Using BlueStacks to install the Ludo Fantasy app (Windows and MAC):

BlueStacks software is an android app player which allows one to run Android applications like Ludo Fantasy on a PC. Here is a simple guide to using BlueStacks.

1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your computer

2. After installation, launch BlueStacks by clicking on its icon

3. On launching BlueStacks, log in using your Google account

4. Click on the "My Apps" button

5. Type "Ludo Fantasy" in the search bar

6. Select the Ludo Fantasy result, and the app will get installed

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How to register, create a new account, sign in and log in to the Ludo Fantasy app?

By now, you must have completed the Ludo Fantasy app download on your preferred device successfully. It's now time to put your Ludo skills built up since childhood to the test.

Create your account and start making that Ludo Fantasy cash!

How to create an account and sign-up onto the Ludo Fantasy app:

1. Launch the app on your device after installation

2. Click the sign-up icon

3. This will open up an infobox requiring your details

4. Fill in your name and select a suitable username that will be displayed while playing

5. Enter your mobile number

6. Fill in your email ID

7. Enter your referral code if you have one

8. Click and agree to the terms and conditions

9. Click on 'Sign Up' to complete the process

10. Another infobox will require you to type the OTP that you will receive on your mobile number

11. Press 'OK' and skip email OTP verification to complete the signup

Types of games on the Ludo Fantasy app

The Ludo fantasy app allows users to engage in four and six-player versions of Ludo. The user can participate in high stakes matches with both strangers and friends, where they bet real money while playing. Users can also improve their Ludo skills and develop unique tactics by playing against the computer in practice match mode.

Hop onto the Play Store and immediately complete the Ludo Fantasy app download.

How to play on the Ludo Fantasy App?

● Each player has four pieces which are initially confined in their specific squares

● The player must roll either 6 or 1 to place one of his pieces out of the square and onto the board

● If the player rolls 6, then he can roll once more

● You can roll six consecutively for a maximum of 3 times, and then your turn will be over

● If the player's piece is moved to the same square as another player's piece, then the other player's piece must be returned to the confinement square.

● The player wins the game when all his pieces reach home.

How to earn money playing Ludo Fantasy?

On completing the Ludo Fantasy app download and signing up for the app, you will be given a welcome reward of Rs. 10 worth of coins. Before starting the game, you can select the 'entry fee' for joining the room; this is nothing but the minimum coin bet for the game.

The winner of the game will take away all of the staked amounts except for a nominal fee kept by the Ludo Fantasy app platform. All you must do is have your friends and family key in your reference code while joining Ludo Fantasy and have them play one match, staking Rs. 50 worth of coins. After this, you will earn Rs. 1 on every game your referrals play.

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Question Answer
Can the game be rigged? Rest assured, as the Ludo Fantasy app operates using certified RNGs (Random Number Generators), it is 100% impossible to manipulate any of the dice rolls.
How long does it take for me to withdraw my winnings? The Ludo Fantasy app enables instant cash withdrawals with 100% assured safety of your credentials and secure payment gateways. So just complete the Ludo Fantasy app download, start playing, keep earning and start withdrawing your winnings.
How can a person earn money through referrals? All you need to do is have your friends and family key in your reference code while joining Ludo Fantasy. After this, you will earn Rs. 1 on every game your referrals play.
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