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Classicrummy is the first online rummy gaming portal in India to provide 24×7 customer support. They currently have a user base of over 1 million players and are expanding their services to customers at an incredibly fast pace. Their operations center is currently based in the city of Kolkata. Let us take a closer look at this gaming app.

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Classicrummy Features

  • The platform offers 13 cards Indian rummy, as well as variants like pools rummy, points rummy and deals rummy as well as 21 cards rummy.
  • Their customer care team is available on almost all platforms - right from live chat, call and email support, to responding on Twitter and Facebook.
  • They have additional surprise bonuses included from time to time to enhance the user experience.
  • Players can cash and free rummy tourneys to earn monetary rewards.
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History of Classicrummy

Classicrummy is not an entirely new platform. Their Twitter account for customer support has been existing since 2012. Over time, thanks to their various rummy games and special offers, their platform has grown by leaps and bounds. One of the benefits of this platform is its introduction of the 'RNG' (Random Number Generator) which ensures zero alteration to any gameplay, which means that there is no chance of cheating or hacking.

Classicrummy app download for Android and iOS

You have to download the app first to initiate the Classicrummy login process.

  1. To download the Classicrummy app for Android or iOS, users need to visit
  2. On the home page, users can scroll down till they see the below screen:
  3. Users can then submit their mobile number in the above box and click on 'Get Link'. You can also opt for the missed call method on the above mobile number for a link to the mobile app.
  4. Once the actions have been performed, an SMS will promptly be sent to the device with the number. Then, click on the link below.
  5. Follow the installation instructions, which only require a few clicks, and once it is installed, please click ‘Open’. The below screen will be displayed. The Classicrummy app has been successfully installed.

Now let us take a look at the steps involved for registration on the app and then for Classicrummy login.

How to Download the app for Windows PC and macOS

We tried checking if the Classicrummy app download could be performed to our personal computer. Although an option was present, we received no responses on clicking it. We hope that options to install this app on PC or macOS will be available soon.

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Classicrummy login steps

  1. Once your app has been installed, you can begin to initiate the Classicrummy login steps. First, please click on the app to begin playing. This is what your screen will look like:
  2. New players need to click on the 'Register' option (classicrummy login, if you already registered).
  3. After that, they simply need to enter their mobile number and create a password.

How to Play on the App

Once the Classicrummy login has been completed, users can select any contest of their choice. Please do remember that rummy is not simply gambling, but requires analytical and mathematical skills. Stick to your strengths and play in those rummy formats that you are well acquainted with. Given below is a sample screenshot of a contest entry screen:


Users can select the contest of their choice as per their monetary needs and time on hand. Once selected, the lobby will fill up fast, as there are thousands of available gamers who are simultaneously competing. Once the competition begins, this is what the sample screen would look like:

classicrummy login

Types of Games on this App

Classicrummy offers multiple types of rummy games. The three main categories are pool rummy, points rummy and deals rummy, which is also known as 'syndicate rummy'. They also offer 13 cards rummy, which is the most popular form of rummy in the Indian subcontinent.

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How to Earn money on this App

Players can earn money in multiple ways after a Classicrummy login. The primary method would be through winning competitions on the app. But there are certainly other means!

Tourneys - Tourneys of the month are held for providing additional rewards to users. They are low entry or free contests, with higher chances of winning. Users can check them out from the 'Promotions' section of the app to know when to enroll.

Referral Bonus - As the name suggests, users receive bonuses for each friend that they refer to the app. For every referral, Classicrummy offers Rs. 25/- as bonus to a friend on their registration for free. Once your referral makes their first deposit, a bonus would be credited to your account.

For each referral, users get a 20% bonus on every subsequent deposit that a friend makes. This is valid for 30 days from the date of the friend's deposit. But that is not all! Users receive ₹150 in cash chips on each referrals' first deposit. They can earn up to ₹15000 in chips, as up to 100 referrals are allowed.

Bonus offers - On the Classicrummy login page, users can see a number of bonus offers in the promotions section. For example, as a part of their welcome offer, Classicrummy provides 100% welcome bonuses up to Rs. 8500/- on the user's first three deposits. Once a user adds cash and enters the codes below, they can claim the bonus amount.

How to Play Games on GetMega

GetMega is an extremely popular platform that allows users to play several skill-based games across the cards, casual, and trivia game categories. Games such as carrom, rummy, various forms of pool & poker, as well as trivia games like 1-2-3 are available.

Players can compete in real-time with others for an entry fee starting as low as Rs. 1/-. One of the features of this app is that gamers can also communicate with each other via video chat, which allows them to socialize and create new friendships.

Additionally, GetMega offers leaderboards that are task and winning based, i.e. , users can top the leaderboards by winning or even simply playing.  There are 4 types of leaderboards - hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Players up to the 10th rank in each leaderboard are eligible for winning leaderboard prizes. An assortment of prizes such as gold coins, mobile phones and Rs1,00,000/- are up for grabs.

GetMega allows only 100% verified profiles on its platform, to ensure fairness in gaming and user safety. The app has been installed over 50 million times. It is also available to download for free.

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Classic Rummy FAQs

Question Answer
How can a user reset their password? Players can recover their passwords by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the Classicrummy login page. They would need to provide their username or email ID. The instructions for changing the password would be sent via email. Users are requested to check their spam folder, in case they have not received the email.
Can a user edit their profile? Once a user has earned a deposit even once or has had their KYC verified, they cannot edit their profile. For any edits, they would have to contact Classicrummy's customer care team.
What is the withdrawal processing time? To receive a same-day payout, make sure to place your request before 12:00 pm. Withdrawals do get processed on all days, even on Sundays & bank holidays. However, there could be certain delays due to a few reasons such as suspicious games, multiple accounts, and account monitoring.
Where can one check the withdrawal status? Users can check their withdrawal status by clicking on reports and then 'withdrawal status'.
When does a player get the TDS certificate? A user gets the TDS certificate at the end of every quarter in the Financial year (April 1 to March 31). Classic Rummy app deposits the TDS once every quarter and the TDS certificate is issued in the next month. So, for any TDS amount deducted in Jan/Feb or March, users will get the certificate in April of that year.
You can send an email to [email protected] or call 02250647322, their 24X7 customer helpline, for any further doubts/queries.
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Nikhil Aimani
Nikhil Aimani
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I have tried almost all of their games & I really like their Card games. One thing I can say say that if you want to win big, practicing matters. Took some time to study Poker and Rummy, but now I am winning about ₹75,000 a month.
21 January, 2021
Arvind Jadhav
Arvind Jadhav
Pune, Maharashtra
GetMega has some of the most fun & well designed games I have ever played. Plus winning real money playing games — what more could I ask for! My childhood favourites - Carrom, Warship, Chinese Chekkers & GK quizzes - everything's here.
29 January, 2021
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Nitin Chaudhary
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Playing games with real stakes & real people is so much more exciting than playing alone. What makes GetMega special is that I know I am playing against real profiles - now I can play without worrying about trolls, bots or fraud.
2 February, 2021
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