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LudoSkill is a Ludo game application that offers real money by playing with real players and earning money through Paytm. Ludo has always been a very popular game enjoyed by individuals of all age groups. Hence, this is an online version of the game in the form of LudoSkill. You can play with real opponents, earn money, and can also withdraw safely.

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There are live tournaments where you can compete against players to win big cash prizes. It is a multiplayer online game that is available for all Android users. This game can be played anytime, anywhere. It gives enormous opportunities to play with friends and online players looking to earn real money that can be withdrawn directly to your account.

Features of the App

Ludo is a game that is highly popular and one that everyone enjoys playing. Users are eagerly waiting to experience the endless features of the LudoSkill app. Here are some of the best features of the LudoSkill app:

● Unique and innovative Ludo variants and daily tournaments

● Earn handsome real cash directly in your bank account

● The best user interface and user experience

● They offer fast withdrawals with rewards and offers as well

● There is a fair play policy

● You can win exciting offers and rewards through the game

History of the App

The LudoSkill app offers multiple Ludo games to play and gives the opportunity of playing with your family and friends on this wide ranged platform.

Ludo is enjoyed by people belonging to every age group. With the widespread popularity of the game, it would only be an advantage to earn money playing this game. This is how an online version of the game was brought forward in the form of LudoSkill. They have attractive logistics and technology that makes it easy to play the game on your mobile. The game also provides an added advantage of there being no limit of earning the cash.

How to Download LudoSkill Game for Android?

LudoSkill app download is available for only Android devices.

This is how one can perform LudoSkill App Download for Android device:

1. Open Google Play.

2. Type and search for LudoSkill in the search box.

3. Click on the Download button to download the LudoSkill app to your device.

Alternatively, you can also register on the LudoSkill website through email or Facebook accounts.

How to Register, Login, Sign Up, and Create an Account on the LudoSkill App

Once you are done installing the app on your device, you have to follow some easy steps to start your online ludo gaming journey.

Follow these easy steps, and you can earn big from fantasy gaming:

1. Install the app

2. Open the app, and you will find “have a referral option.”

3. Enter the code sent to you on your phone number

4. Fill your details in the pop-up form

5. Click on the register button

6. You will receive an OTP for verification on your phone number

7. Enter the OTP to proceed

8. Congratulations! Your account is created, and you are ready to make millions off just playing Ludo.

How to Play on the App?

1. Download LudoSkill.

2. Complete the LudoSkill login.

3. There will be 3 game options presented to you.

4. You will have options of free games and money games.

5. Once you choose your choice of game, you can click on it and there will be a number of tables that you can join.

6. Once you join the table, you can buy in or play a free game depending on what you’ve chosen.

7. You can then enjoy your game by winning some money.

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Types of Games Offered On LudoSkill

The LudoSkill app offers a variant of ludo games. You can select one or multiple categories out of a wide range of games online. Mainly, there are three games:

● Game Toss

● Random Booster

● Choice Booster

All these can be played live in real-time. There are various tables that you can join and play in each of these games.

How to Win Money Using LudoSkill?

LudoSkill app download offers you genuine money in different phases of the application.

To withdraw money on the app is smooth and hassle-free. Follow the steps, and you can withdraw your winning amount:

● First, complete verification and then log in to your LudoSkill account.

● Then proceed to My Account.

● Then click on the "withdraw" option in the winnings section.

● Enter the amount you would like to withdraw from your account.

● Once you confirm the amount, you will receive a confirmation on your registered email ID for processing the withdrawal from LudoSkill.

● The verification is a safety measure, and it is a one-time process. You don't have to repeat it until you make any changes to your account.

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1. Open the official website, GetMega.

2. Enter your phone number and complete the LudoSkill app download through an SMS link sent to your number.

3. Once the app is downloaded, sign up and verify your account by uploading the required documents. You also get a welcome bonus on signing up.

4. Deposit the money and enjoy betting and wagering games, such as poker, card games, casino, and others, to win money.

So, download the app now, and earn money by treating yourself to exciting games!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question Answer
Can I play ludo with multiple accounts? No, you cannot have multiple accounts because you can withdraw money from only one account on Paytm.
Can I earn money by playing LudoSkill? Yes, LudoSkill allows you to earn limitless amounts of real money.
Can I withdraw the referral bonus amount? No, but you can use that amount to play real money games.
How many times can I withdraw money? You can withdraw money anytime you want. The first four transactions are free. After that, every transaction will be charged.
Is it allowed to play with family/friends? Yes, LudoSkill allows you to play with family/friends.
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