Faboom vs GetMega: Which one is better?



Faboom doesn’t have a 24x7 leaderboard, it breaks down on the basis of the various formats of cricket. For instance, Faboom has leaderboards for ODI, T20, and Test cricket.

Additionally, the leaderboard shows points garnered during standard and bonus mode. These points vary as per your performance in the game. For instance, when you take a wicket, you are awarded 16 points. Similarly, for stumping, you are awarded 12 points.

GetMega has 24x7 leaderboards for Card & Casual Games which include Poker, Rummy, Carrom, & GoPool. The leaderboards are both task and winning based i.e. you can top the leaderboard by both winning or simply playing. The leaderboards are hourly (called flash leaderboards), daily, weekly, and monthly.

Players upto rank 10 i.e. position 10th can win the leaderboards prizes. The entry to these leaderboards is both free and paid based on the leaderboard you opt for. Players can win upto 100,000 every week from leaderboard along with attractive gadgets such as Gold Coin, Mobile Phone, & More.

User Interface

Faboom has a user-friendly interface. The app runs smoothly without any lag. However, one of the main issues with Faboom is that it does not allow horizontal screen rotation.

Clean and user friendly User Interface and Experience. GetMega has horizontal as well as vertical gameplay experience based on the game. For example, Poker, Carrom, Warship, etc have vertical gameplay whereas GoPool and Rummy have horizontal gameplay.

GetMega’s interface is very intuitive which makes it very easy for players to interact with the games and earn.

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Game Play

Being one of the best fantasy gaming platforms, Faboom has intuitive and impressive gameplay. Though it still lacks a little bit of responsiveness, players wouldn’t face major issues. The primary components of the game are displayed in a fully optimized manner. However, you would face some lags while using the app in an unstable network.

The gameplay of GetMega is adapted for maximum entertainment and fun quotient. The gameplay is horizontal or vertical based on the game you play.

The elements of the game are optimally displayed which makes you focus on the game without worrying about anything else. The use of vibrant colors makes the key elements easy to identify and use.

Number Of Players

Once you have selected your sport on the Faboom platform, you would have to fill up a short form. After filling up the form, you would be authenticated via Google or Facebook accounts. In case you have not signed in at Facebook or Google, you can log in with your email ID. So as you can see, there is no scope for any bots to enter the gaming platform.

GetMega has all real players which are verified using a mobile number and Facebook profile. These players can be verified using their Facebook photos.

GetMega allows only real players and no bots. GetMega has over 5,000,000+ Signups, 50,000+ Monthly Active Players, & 10,000+ Daily Active Players.

Number of Games

At the Faboom platform, you would be able to participate in fantasy leagues related to three sports. They are cricket, soccer, and kabaddi.

Master your favorite real cash games across 3 main categories i.e. Cards, Casual, & Trivia.

The games in Cards category are:
1. Poker
2. Rummy

The games in Casual category are:
1. Carrom
2. GoPool
3. ABC Rummy
4. Warship
5. Dots & Dash

The games in Trivia category are:
1. 123
2. PicMe
3. GK

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Real Players

Only 100% real players can play the game. Faboom has a verification sytem to check the identity of every palyers.

GetMega allows only 100% verified profiles and features only legal, skill-based games and not luck or chance. GetMega is RNG certified and a member of AIGF (All India Gaming Federation).

Audio video Feature

In Faboom, no such feature is present.

GetMega is the only real money gaming platform in India which allows video-chat features. You can view high resolution video and HD quality sound while playing with your friends. GetMega allows all more than 8 games which can be played with video-chat features. This feature makes it the best game to play with friends & family.

Safety and Security

Faboom is entirely safe as it comes equipped with 3D secure authentication. This ensures that the integrity of all the users has been appropriately maintained. Also, being one of the best fantasy sports platforms, Faboom provides transparency while dealing with users.

100% Safe and Verified.

GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation, and has built a platform where safety and security are of utmost importance. Our Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics have been certified by iTech Labs, Australia, ensuring the safest gameplay of the highest standards.

Referral Rewards

Faboom offers a referral rewards for each rewards. You can get it by using the generated code.

GetMega offers an attractive referral program when you invite a friend to the app and play a game with them. GetMega offers Rs 10 on every referral. However, there are certain criterias to be fulfilled. These criteria are:
1. Referral should be in the referee’s contact book
2. Referral should play one game with the referral in videochat mode

Signup Bonus

There's no such exclusive signup bonus with Faboom.

GetMega offers Rs 5 as signup bonus which can be used to play games on the platform.

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