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The app stores are outrun these days by simple computer programs and applications to make our life easier. Whether you use an Android operating system or iOS, you will always find something to your liking. More than that, you will find some app or another that inspires you to make money while you relax and entertain yourself.

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One such app in the app stores is My Team 11. It is a place for sports enthusiasts to make quick money based on their extensive knowledge of the subject. Today, we will discuss a few My Team 11 tips and tricks that you can use to make a lot of money using this application, so stay tuned.

What is the My Team 11 app?

My Team 11 is a fantasy sports app available to anyone and everyone. The concept for this app is to allow regular people to partake in creating their own fantasy leagues and making money off of their favorite players.

You may have seen a lot of advertisements for this app endorsed by Virendra Sehwag. It is a competitive app with similar concepts as Dream11, My 11 Circle, and even MPL for that matter. The idea for these types of fantasy apps is to allow sports betting with an alternative solution without having to compromise the integrity of the sporting event.

While we have a lot of My Team 11 tips for you today, including how to play and how to win in My Team 11, we need to share something first. Please do not try to use any app that promises to be My Team 11 hack to help you earn more money. As you know betting is an illegal activity in India so the apps have provided legitimate platforms where you can partake in indirect betting. However, using My Team 11 tips is a violation of their company policy and your account will get banned for life.

Thus, we suggest using our My Team 11 hack tricks instead. They are methods of using the offerings of the My Team 11 tips as per the regulated guidelines of the platform. They are ways of utilizing everything that the app has to offer to its full potential without committing illicit activities. That being said, let’s take a look at a few useful My Team 11 tips for maximum benefit.

The Tactics you must know to master the game and secure a win

How to play on the My Team 11 app?

In order to participate in fantasy sports leagues to make money with My Team 11 tips, you need to download the application and register using your email id, Facebook id, or your mobile number. Since the application deals with real money, you need to verify your account and contact information.

Next, you will have to deposit a sum of money into your My Team 11 account. This amount serves as an investment that facilitates building your dream team and making money from it. Here’s how you get started:

  • Use your PayTM account to add money into your My Team 11 wallet.
  • Select the sporting event that interests you the most. You have options from Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Rugby, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, handball, and US Football.
  • Look through the application to identify upcoming matches that appeal to you.
  • Check the dates, players who are expected to participate in the match, and the overall cost for building your dream team for the fantasy league.
  • Based on whether you want to create your private league or join a public league, invest the prescribed amount required for the same in the form of in-app credits.
  • Now, choose your players. We will discuss a few My Team 11 tips to pick the players for a team with high chances of winning in just a minute.
  • Lock in the team and wait for the match to start in real life.

After you have designed your dream team to perfection, it is time to wait and see if your predictions and investment pay off. Watch the match closely because even if you do not make a ton of money in the current match, you will pick up hints for your future fantasy leagues. You will also be able to deduce why player prices are designated in a given fashion and which players are more beneficial to your team.

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Tips on how to hack My Team 11

As we have said, it is not a good idea to use My Team 11 hack applications. However, we do have a number of My Team 11 tricks that you can use to your advantage and improve your chances of earning tons of app points, thereby more money. So, here goes:

  1. For starters, invest a considerable amount of time in research. Choose sporting events that you know very well, to begin with, and find out as much updated information as possible about new addendums, players’ statistics, injuries, any recent trauma (both physical and mental), etc.
  2. You also need to know the gameplay, possible penalties, fouls, and other important aspects of the sporting event that could hinder a player’s performance or the overall score of your dream team.
  3. Check the upcoming matches of the sporting events you know in and out then choose the ones where the best players from both teams are participating.
  4. Don’t be biased about picking the players in your dream team. Even if the match consists of the team from your homeland against a team you dislike, consider the players’ performance, not their origin.
  5. When choosing your players, pick a balanced team. There is no point in having a team of all-rounders with no specialty because that’s what you need for fantasy leagues. We’ll share the My Team 11 winning tips for choosing an efficient team too.
  6. Join the challenges as much as you can. My Team 11 has plenty of challenges where you can compete against like-minded sports enthusiasts. Not only do these challenges help you win points while passing the time, but you can also ensure that you don’t lag behind other players.
  7. Follow the game and pause whenever you want to give your dream team a little boost. Remember that fantasy leagues are not so you can rely on other professionals completely. That would be as good as betting. Instead, partake in challenges between games or in the middle of the ongoing match and help out the players, thereby assisting in your win.
  8. By taking some time to evaluate players’ statistics which helps you win points, you can also earn more benefits. If you aim to win the matches with the highest score made by your team, subsequently the group will reward you with stock.
  9. Keep an eye out for ongoing offers and promotions on the app. Sometimes, you can invest less and earn more. Often you may be able to choose one or two top players. You may even have a unique opportunity to luck out on promotions that offer in-game tips for the live match.
  10. Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to partake in every match where your favorite players are playing. Be selective about choosing matches where the number of good players in both teams outmatches the average players so you can pick excellent players with a high chance of winning.

Ideally, if you use these My Team 11 tips to design the perfect team, your chances of winning will be much higher. You can win additional points, stock, and even a ton of money. Strategize before you partake in the fantasy league so that your team is efficient and you can estimate a higher earning potential.

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Top strategy on how to win My Team 11

As promised, here is the My Team 11 winning tips that you can use legally based on the My Team 11 tricks and tips we discussed earlier:

  • Choose the match where both teams have fewer good players than average ones. This will ensure that the league team that you design can only consist of the crème de la crème and cannot be defeated by other teams.
  • Learn all the possible mines such as injuries, trauma, players’ preferences about the field, weather conditions, etc.
  • Choose a well-balanced team. For cricket, select 3-4 good batsmen, 3-4 excellent bowlers, 1 wicket-keeper, and fill the remaining slots with all-rounders. For Football, pick at least 2-3 players who have a high record for making free kicks and at least one who is good at tackling. For Basketball, choose at least 2 players with a record for free throws and clean shots. You get the idea of what to do with other sporting events.
  • Select your captain and vice-captain with care. These players award more points than regular players. You don’t have to choose the captain from the real-life team. Instead, choose the player with the most potential.
  • Join the challenges to help the players help you score more points.

These top My Team 11 tips will ensure that you have the best possible team to win against your opponents. This is not to say that you won’t have to do your research. Nevertheless, it optimizes your strategy so you can take some time to make the right choices.

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming platform much like My Team 11 except here you don’t have to rely on the capability and motivation of other people to make money. Instead, you can partake in games yourself to earn from your own skills and benefit from playing.

There are several benefits to playing games on GetMega such as:

  1. This online gaming site offers games in different genre virtual casual sporting events to sharpen your skills, and casino games to earn tons of money by playing amateur and professional players alike.
  2. You can earn money by simply playing and winning the available games.
  3. The site has zero tolerance for fraudulent behavior. Hence, they only allow genuine and verified profiles to play games. Bots and fake accounts are banned from GetMega in order to keep the playing field neutral and beneficial to you.
  4. You can learn how to play new games by simply browsing through the rules, guidelines, and strategies available on the GetMega site.
  5. There are regular tournaments and contests where you can win additional sums of money.
  6. You can play cash games pertaining to each genre any time and every time.
  7. The site has a communicative platform so you can interact with friends and family while you play together.
  8. They reward you handsomely for signing up and successfully referring the app to other players.
  9. The platform is certified to hold casino games and they only use secure servers for all money transfers.
  10. You can play games starting at Rs. 5 only and choose games, contests, and tournaments that have higher stakes as well.
  11. They have a simple user interface and the user experience on the site has been remarkable.
  12. You will have access to a special leaderboard called the paid leaderboard that awards you with additional prizes, cash rewards, and exciting goodies.

There are a lot more benefits to playing games on GetMega. Join the site today and play some games to see for yourself just how beneficial playing games on GetMega can be.

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