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Board games are always fun to play. Be it Monopoly, Scattergories, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and the whole lot of them, they have a long-standing tradition of uniting minds even in competition.

These days, however, people are more inclined to find innovative methods of earning instead of playing games for fun. The demand for such means of entertainment is so high that app developers are constantly creating new and improved solutions to meet the needs of people.

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One such app is LudoPe and it allows you to play the classic board game for money. Today, we will discuss this app in detail and also share a few LudoPe hack tricks and ludope referral code 2022 to help you out. Since the objective of LudoPe is to win the games and earn cash, we even have some LudoPe winning tricks and a solid Ludope strategy to aid you in your quest to earn. Also, get to know How To Download, Login, Sign In, Register Ludope.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

What is the LudoPe app?

LudoPe is a new-age gaming app that allows participants to take part in a healthy Ludo competition with other enthusiasts of the classic game. They have unique earning opportunities on this app that you can further enhance using our LudoPe hacks.

The app offers contests where Ludo players can compete against each other in a healthy match. The more consistently you play, the higher you rank in the leaderboards. This gaming platform advertises like Game of Thrones, and who doesn’t enjoy that show right? In LudoPe, you have to win and conquer all in order to claim the throne.

There are several Ludope hidden tricks that can help you earn a lot of bonuses and lucky prizes too. You can win iPhones, Samsung Notes, and One Plus mobiles for keeping up your gaming potentials. These incredible bonus rewards inspire us to continue playing this game using our LudoPe hacks so we stand a chance to win.

Before we go any further to discuss how to win money in LudoPe and the various Ludo hacks, we want to point out that while this app is incredible, it does get tiring to keep playing Ludo at some point. We recognize this problem as a potential threat that can result in a halt for us to make money.

Hence, we also have a bonus gaming site that offers similar payouts and lucky prizes. You can switch between them to keep up your earning potential. Read till the end of the article to know more about this incredible app.

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How to earn on the LudoPe app?

The LudoPe app is very simple and straightforward, so if you want to use our LudoPe hacks in order to make money, you can download it from their official website. You will need to register on the app using a valid email id and mobile number so the app can continue to share any promotional offers, which in itself is a LudoPe hack.

Once you register on the app, you will earn Rs. 250 as a sign-up bonus. You can then deposit more cash to start playing and competing with just about anyone, be it a friend, a family member, or even a stranger on the app.

When it comes to making money, you need the best trick to win LudoPe and we have just the thing for you. Using our LudoPe hacks here, you will know how to win LudoPe in no time.

The objective of the game, for those who haven’t played before, is to use the LudoPe hack tricks to take all four of your player tokens from their home cell to the victory cell. You need to have the best winning strategy in LudoPe since the stakes are much higher than when you played sporting games over summer vacation. Here you bet real money on your caliber to win and you need to win that wager back. So, let’s take a look at some of the LudoPe tips and tricks that will help you guide your soldiers to victory.

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Tips on how to hack LudoPe

Now, when we say LudoPe hack, please know that we are talking about the LudoPe tips and tricks that are so helpful that they are better than hacking into the app. Please do not try to hack into the app using external programs and applications. They will ban your account for good and it is already difficult to find apps that really pay money.

Instead, use our LudoPe hacks, which are essentially ways to use the offerings of the app to your benefit so that you end up winning more games, and thereby making more cash. Here are the LudoPe tips and tricks for you:

  • Use the signup bonus to your advantage and deposit a similar or smaller amount of cash in your account to start playing. Once you get a feel of how it works, you can increase your wagers to earn more cash in a short period of time.
  • Since there are 4 players in each game, choose a small betting amount that, when multiplied, will yield fruitful earnings. We have a Ludope hack for that too so stay tuned.
  • The thing about these apps is, in the initial stages, you face a lot of beginner players. Use this opportunity to loot a lot of cash and keep using your winnings to play more games and continue to earn.
  • Ludo is a game of strategy. It may seem simple but on Ludope, you are betting real money. Keep a strategy ready in hand and be prepared to modify your tactics based on the gameplay of your opponents. There are 4 players allowed in each game on LudoPe, so use our LudoPe winning strategy to deflect them and take your soldiers to the victory cell without much hindrance. We will share the defined, step-by-step strategy in a minute.
  • Another important LudoPe hack is to consider the opponent’s gameplay and alter your strategy. You need to be prepared to sometimes lose a knight in order to conquer the throne. This LudoPe hack is best demonstrated when you bait a player to capture one of your knights that just started on the game board so you can capture the opponent’s knight with another of your own.
  • The best way to win LudoPe and earn substantial cash is to develop your gameplay such that no one can beat you. So, even if a player baits you, check other opponents’ reach. If they are close to the victory slot, then take the bait and capture their knight.
  • The most important LudoPe hack is to never chase an opponent’s knight unless you have the exact roll on your dice, especially if you are in a safe slot.

Ludo is such a fun game and with the right strategy, you can earn a truckload of cash. It will take a while but you’ll get there. With that in mind, let us discuss the Ludope winning tricks that will put you over the edge against your opponents. Moreover, get a complete guide on Ludope Withdrawal-How To Deposit And Withdraw Money?

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Top winning strategy in LudoPe

The best way to win LudoPe is with a killer strategy that will help defeat your competition and raise you as the victorious leader. Here is one winning strategy in LudoPe that we found exceedingly helpful, maybe you will too:

  • Start by using the signup bonus to go to war against your opponents. Enter a contest with 4 players and take a hard look at the game board. That way, you can end up with 4 times the money that you invested. Use this cash winning to enter more contests without having to invest too much money in the app.
  • When you roll a six, you can get one knight out of the cell block. If you roll sequential sixes, during the start of the game, release all your knights from the cell. However, if there are opponents’ knights behind you, take the first of your players and sprint away. That is possibly the best trick to win LudoPe.
  • If you roll more than one six consecutively, you can get more knights out but keep sprinting with only one of them through the board to reach the victory line so you are that much closer to winning.
  • Make a note of where your opponents’ knights are when you leave the cell block. If there is one right behind you and you have two or more knights out of the cell, bait your opponent to come forward.
  • The most useful LudoPe hack is to always take it slow when you reach the last opponent’s home cell before your victory line. If there are opponents waiting there, don’t move your knight unless you roll a six. That will put you at least 7 steps ahead of your opponent, which is a nice place to be.
  • If you have the opportunity to capture an opponent vs moving up the victory line to ‘Home’ then pick the knight on the victory line. However, if the choice is between that and an opponent’s knight that is close to entering their victory line, capture it.
  • Develop consistency in your gameplay and only switch when it is absolutely pivotal.

Be calm when you play a spirited game of Ludo. The game is meant for fun. If you get flustered, your LudoPe strategy is going to go out the window and you will lose. Instead, take some time to analyze your opponents’ gameplay and switch yours to throw them off your trail.

While Ludope sure is a neat app to build a side hustle, especially if you use our Ludo hacks, still, playing the same game over and over again can get annoying. Not to mention, the odds of winning in Ludo is a standard 1/4. Instead, why not play games on a platform that allows you to win big because their games are designed to support high-stakes and low-stakes gameplay?

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Is ludope safe?

One of LudoPe's main advantages is that its servers are completely secure and encrypted. It adheres to strong verification measures to safeguard the safety of players. Furthermore, gamers would be able to immediately withdraw funds to their bank accounts.

Benefits of playing games on GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming site where you can play numerous games with different concepts and earn real cash. The platform offers several opportunities to earn and an array of benefits to all its players. Here are a few top benefits of playing games on GetMega that we absolutely love:

  1. It is a safe platform that only allows genuine and verified players to partake in games. You can log in using your Facebook id to quicken the verification process. No bots and fake players are allowed on GetMega
  2. They offer casino games with high stakes or low stakes as per your preference. These are licensed games of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Rummy.
  3. You will find cash games starting at Rs. 5 for every game available.
  4. There are regular contests and tournaments where you can make ten, hundred, or even a thousand times your buy-in value.
  5. They only allow transactions through secure payment channels like the online wallets of PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc., or you can use the UPI network. All your deposits and withdrawals are safe when you transact money using these platforms.
  6. There are additional earning opportunities much like the LudoPe hack that offers lucky rewards, except on GetMega, you can make it happen for yourself. They have paid leaderboards, where maintaining your position among the top 10 players consistently will help you earn extra cash as well as various mobile phones, and even gold coins.
  7. The user interface is very easy for anyone to learn new games from the available set of strategies and rules on the website and start playing.

There are several other benefits to playing games on GetMega but the most important one is how much money you can earn. It is not just an opportunity to build a side hustle. On GetMega, you can actually start a professional gaming career, especially as a professiona
l poker player.

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