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We have been playing Ludo since we were kids. It was our gateway to learning how to strategize and compete healthily against our opponents without losing our equanimity. We spend hours having fun with friends and family while playing this entertaining game.

Nowadays, with the rise of the need to make money from the comfort of our homes, app developers and software programmers have come up with innovative solutions to integrate the classic Ludo gameplay on platforms that help us earn real cash. One such app is Ludo Fantasy.

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Today, we will take some time to explore the app and discuss multiple Ludo Fantasy hacks so you can use them to earn. Not only will we show you how to use the app to utilize its benefits but we will also share Ludo Fantasy jitney ka tricks so that you can devise a Ludo Fantasy winning strategy. We do have a winning strategy in Ludo Fantasy of our own too, so keep reading.

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What is the Ludo Fantasy app?

Ludo Fantasy is an online platform where you can play the classic Ludo game to earn real money. It is one of the oldest models and a worthy competitor to Ludo Empire, Ludo Circle, and Ludo King.

The concept of the app is very simple. You partake in a game of Ludo, preferably using our Ludo fantasy hacks, and earn cash. Your earnings on the app are easy to transfer to your bank account via verified channels like PayTM, or UPIs, or direct bank transfer.

The games are reasonably priced and you do need to invest some money to play them. It may seem like a waste, however, if you use the Ludo Fantasy hacks and tricks that we are about to share, you will end up winning a lot of games, thereby ensuring that you will continue to make money.

Before we share the Ludo Fantasy hacks, let us first take a look at how to play the game and how to win money in Ludo Fantasy.

Apply these tips and trick shots to overpower your opponents

Ludo fantasy is real or fake?

Ludo Fantasy Game is a Real & safe Fantasy app. ludo fantasy review is also good, so you can enjoy playing the ludo game.

How to earn on the Ludo Fantasy app?

If you want to earn substantial cash on the app using our Ludo Fantasy tips & ludo fantasy hacks, then you first need to download and install the app on your smart devices. Once it is installed, register on the app using a verified mobile number, preferably the one you use for PayTM. That way all your deposits and withdrawal processes are simplified from the get-go.

Upon completing your registration on Ludo Fantasy, the app will award you Rs. 10 as a signup bonus. You can use this money to start playing the games, which also start from Rs. 10. It is ideal that you start using our Ludo Fantasy hacks at this point to ensure that you make money from the first game that you play.

The app offers options to increase the betting value in different contests. You can play for Rs. 10, 20, 30, and keep increasing the value to hundreds as per your caliber to strategize. There are several Ludo fantasy hidden tricks that you can use in strategizing so that your odds of winning the games are considerably higher than your opponents.

Once you have a winning strategy in Ludo Fantasy hack in place, you can play multiple games in a day and keep earning from them. Just remember that when you place a high-value bet, it is crucial that another player is willing to put up the same sum of money. That’s where the first Ludo Fantasy hack comes into play.

Now, let us take a look at some of the most useful Ludo Fantasy tips and tricks that you can use to make a handsome sum of money from this app.

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Tips on how to hack Ludo Fantasy

There are a lot of Ludo Fantasy hidden tricks that most people don’t notice or even know about. We have compiled them together so you can devise your own winning strategies. Since this is a money-earning platform, it is pivotal that you have a Ludo Fantasy winning strategy in place before you even start the gameplay, simply because it also costs money to make money.

One important thing though. When we say ‘how to hack Ludo Fantasy’, we mean using Ludo fantasy tips and tricks to better improve your gameplay so you can win a lot of cash. We don’t mean using external Ludo Fantasy hacks. We just wanted to clear the air about that before we get started on these tips:

  • As we have mentioned, the app offers you Rs. 10 as a signing bonus, which is enough to play in a contest, and that’s where our first Ludo Fantasy hack lies. Since you can use the entire sum, get the ball rolling by playing your first game using our winning strategy in Ludo Fantasy and make some cash. You can use this earning to further play more games and keep earning from those too. This way, you’re not really investing money in the app and even when you do, it is a considerably smaller amount.
  • A unique Ludo Fantasy hidden trick is the referral benefit. For each person whom you refer, you get Re. 1 every time they play. So use the referral code to invite as many people as you can. The more games they play, the more you earn. The best part is, this is technically free cash, even if it is only Re. 1.
  • You need to make Rs. 50 to start withdrawing your money via UPI channels and online wallets. You can make this sum by playing a guaranteed winning game for Rs. 50 in stakes. But here’s the Ludo fantasy hack that you can follow. After you make Rs. 50, don’t start withdrawing. Make Rs. 100 in winnings and withdraw 50-80% of the money. Keep the remaining amount to play more games.
  • The best way to win Ludo Fantasy is to always play the games with more than one opponent. That way, not only do you have a chance to earn more from a single game but they will distract each other. While you are part of the game, you can strategize such that your opponents keep capturing one another while you slither away through the cracks towards your victory line.
  • Factor in the commission for the platform. If you play a game and win, the Ludo fantasy app will deduct a sum of money for hosting the game. Their commission isn’t a lot but you need to factor it in when you plan your winnings.
  • The best trick to win Ludo Fantasy is to release all your player tokens from the cell but only use one to sprint across the board at a time.

If you use our winning strategy in Ludo Fantasy correctly and keep modifying your tactics as per the opponent’s gameplay, then you can start earning without investments from the get-go. Use the signup bonus of Rs. 10 to make an additional Rs. 10. Now you have near-about Rs. 30 at least if you win against 3 other players.

If you are confident that you can win the next game too using our Ludo Fantasy hacks, then raise the stakes and play with an opponent for Rs. 20. When you win, you already have Rs. 70. Now, maintain the limit of Rs. 20 in stakes and keep winning. You can earn a few hundred rupees with no investment from your pocket before nightfall.

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Top winning strategy in Ludo Fantasy

While the contests and matches on Ludo Fantasy do facilitate making quick cash, there is a defined winning strategy in Ludo Fantasy that we have devised using the Ludo Fantasy hacks. Using this will make it that much easier for you to win quickly, so let’s take a look:

  • Start by creating a contest for Rs. 20. This means, if you win against 2-3 players, you will easily make Rs 60-80 minus the commission.
  • When you roll your first six, release a token from the cell. If you release consecutive sixes, here’s what you can do:
  • If you roll 2 sixes and change, release two tokens and use one to sprint.
  • If you have an opponent’s token sitting right behind your homeland and waiting to capture the token that was released from the cell, sprint. Don’t use the consecutive sixes to unleash more tokens. Use it to get as far away from your opponent as you can roll.
  • If you roll more sixes in the following rounds, release one token for each six and use the remaining consecutive sixes to sprint.
  • Now that most of your tokens are out in the open, they give you options while you are sprinting through the board. If there are opponent’s tokens nearby and you are either behind them or on a secure slot where they can’t capture you, stay put. Use the other tokens to play till the opponent moves.
  • You can also use a Ludo Fantasy hack of using any six you roll to get your token far ahead of an opponent’s token. Ideally, you need to be at least 7 steps away or more but never less. This is because, when they roll a six and chase you, the likelihood of them rolling the same number as they need is 1/6 which is a very difficult odd to beat.
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  • If there is an opponent in front of you that you can capture but you also have a token in the victory line waiting to deploy, choose the one in the victory line. That way you ensure that you are that much closer to winning.
  • If there is an opponent who is about to enter the victory line but you roll a number to capture them, then take the opportunity, even if you have a token in the victory line yourself that can reach the victory slot. This will put your opponent at a disadvantage, thus flustering their gameplay, which makes it the best trick to win Ludo Fantasy. We sincerely hope that these tips answer the question of how to win in Ludo Fantasy. We also hope that you will alter this strategy as per the progression of the gameplay so you can win more and more games, thus making more cash.
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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

While Ludo Fantasy is entertaining, if you really want to make substantial money from playing games, you can use the GetMega site for your gaming needs. Here are a few benefits of playing games on GetMega:

  1. They offer a handsome signup bonus that you can use to play games.
  2. They provide a referral code and each successful referral earns more rewards.
  3. There are several cash games for each gaming type and category. These games start at only Rs. 5.
  4. GetMega holds many regular contests and tournaments for both low stakes and high stakes. You can choose the type that appeals most to you.
  5. There’s a unique feature called paid leaderboards, where maintaining your rank at the top consistently can earn you extra cash rewards. You may even win exciting goodies like mobile phones, gold coins, etc.
  6. They only allow verified profiles to play games so every time you win, you are guaranteed to earn.
  7. They use highly secure UPI and payment wallets like Google Pay, PayTM, etc. so all your deposits and withdrawals are safe.

There are many more benefits to playing games on GetMega such as their communicative channels and zero-bot policy. We could talk about it forever, instead, we’ll leave you with one helpful thought.

Register on the platform right away and see for yourself how easy it is to make money on this user-friendly site with its array of benefits. In no time you will be earning substantially on GetMega to support yourself and your family.

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