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Remember those summer vacations as a child, when we enjoyed a heart-racing game of Ludo gathered around the coffee table at grandma’s house? Or perhaps you were playing with your friends. No matter who you played with, a game of Ludo was thrilling, enjoyable, and gave us a lot of laughs. We learned how to compete in a healthy manner without pomposity. Also, get a complete guide on How to Download, Login, Sign in, Register Ludo Comfun.

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These days, we don’t have the hours to spend with friends and family, what with our busy work schedules. That doesn't mean we still don’t enjoy the gameplay. With that in mind, app developers came up with a solution. Now, you can play Ludo online and what’s more, you can earn money from the game.

There are several apps that support this concept and today we are going to talk about one such variant called Ludo Comfun. Not only will we discuss Ludo Comfun hacks and tricks but we will also share a winning Ludo Comfun strategy to earn ludo comfun earn money. Keep reading to find out.

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What is the Ludo Comfun app?

Ludo Comfun is an online multiplayer app where you can not only partake in a classic game of Ludo with your friends and family but strangers worldwide. The game was derived from an Indian game called Pachisi and modified with advancements. Now, Ludo is popular across the world for its ability to inspire camaraderie and excitement.

On Ludo Comfun, you can move your tokens around the board, win the games to earn money, interact with other players, and basically, have a great time. It is a puzzle, a contest, and a strategy game all rolled into one fun platform. Our incredible tips will help you formulate your own strategies to aid with how to win in Ludo Comfun.

As you may recall, the gameplay is highly addictive, and adding the components of texting and voice chats only makes it that much more entertaining. That said, allow us to share with you some Ludo Comfun hacks that will help you earn big but before that, why don’t we take a look at how to play the game.

Discover the best strategies and ways to play and win like a boss.

How to play on the Ludo Comfun app?

If you want to earn money from this app using our Ludo Comfun hacks, then you first need to download the app and register on it. Since Ludo Comfun pays real money, you have to use a valid email id and your mobile number.

Once you are registered on the app, it is time to play the games using our Ludo Comfun tricks so you can win a lot of cash. To partake in the classic Ludo gameplay, you can choose from 4 different modes of playing. There are multiplayer games online, quick games where everyone can move only one token at a time, local multiplayer options where you can play with people around you, or you can choose to play with an offline bot. The best way to win Ludo Comfun is to first practice with the bot, develop your Ludo strategies, and then start entering contests.

You will find several ongoing contests on the platform at any given time. The objective of the game is to release your tokens from the cell by rolling sixes, running around the entire board, and ultimately reaching the home slot. The player who beats all other players in this race wins the game.

Of course, since the program is computed on the developer’s algorithm, there is no fixed trick to get a six on the dice, much like it is in real life. Still, you can use a number of Ludo Comfun hacks to strategize your gameplay and improve your odds of winning the overall game before your opponents.

Let us take a look at some of our Ludo Comfun tips that will help you devise the best trick to win Ludo Comfun. They will also answer the question of how to win money in Ludo Comfun.

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Tips on how to hack Ludo Comfun

Before we start with the Ludo Comfun hacks, we just want to clarify something. When we say hack, it doesn’t mean that you can use modulated applications and software programs to escalate your winnings. This is a game of fun and entertainment. Please don’t sully it with cheats and hacks.

If you need to earn a lot of cash, we have a solution that pays much more for playing games and you don’t need cheat codes for that either. Read till the end of this article to find the best platform to earn money from playing your favorite games.

For now, let us take a look at some of the Ludo Comfun hacks, which are essentially tricks and strategies that will help you win the maximum number of games:

  • To start off, play a few games with the offline bot to get accustomed to the gameplay on the app. Every Ludo app has its quirks so the best trick to win Ludo Comfun is to know what to expect.
  • As soon as you roll a six, release your tokens. If you roll consecutive sixes, release 2 tokens and use the remaining sixes to start the race with one token. As you continue to roll sixes, release all your token players and keep them ready.
  • A useful Ludo Comfun hack during the game is to stay a minimum of 7 steps ahead of your opponents. Even if they do roll a six, they can’t be sure so the chances of them sending you back to the cell are very low on the probability chart.
  • Always aim to either land on an opponent’s home ground or on any of the stars scattered across the game board.
  • If your token that was running around is close to moving ahead of the opponent’s token, keep it where it is and play with another token instead. That is why you need multiple tokens released from the cell and at the ready.
  • Capture as many of your opponent’s tokens as you can but do so carefully. If you have an opportunity to capture but the player has another token waiting behind you, you’re in trouble.
  • When a token is close to reaching the home slot, keep it safe on a star or one of an opponent’s home ground. Only when you roll large enough numbers, move it. Preferably shift its place when you roll a six. That way even if you roll a 1 after that, you’ll still be 7 steps ahead of any token that your opponent unleashes on your tail.
  • Try to sprint with one token as long as possible without putting it in danger and reach the home slot. This will help you finish faster than others. Additionally, the more tokens you take to the home slot, the higher you earn.

Ludo is a fun game and the app named it quite aptly. Still, since you can win money, it is tempting to reach out for the gold. Hence, we have used the Ludo Comfun hacks to devise a Ludo Comfun winning strategy to aid you in your quest.

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Top strategy on how to win Ludo Comfun

Here’s a Ludo Comfun strategy that will help you get to the top and stay there:

  • Roll your dice and wait. If you roll a six or a series of sixes, unleash the swarm, else take the time to look at the board and strategize beforehand.
  • When you do roll a six, focus on moving the first token to as far a position as possible.
  • If you roll consecutive sixes, release two tokens but move only one. With the next sixes, first, release your tokens from the cell and use the remaining to sprint with the first token.
  • If the first token is in a risky position, i.e., threatened by an opponent, leave it on the opponent’s home ground and play another token.
  • When you release your token with consecutive sixes but there’s an opponent waiting behind, release only one token from the cell and use the following sixes to run away instead of releasing any more tokens.
  • Just before reaching the home slot to victory, find a safe spot to store your token till all the competitors are out of the way. Till then, use the other tokens and continue your game.
  • If you roll high numbers, i.e., 6 + something, take the token closest to the home slot to victory and sprint.
  • Take one token at a time to reach the victory slot. That way, you will earn more points quickly, thus flustering your opponents.
  • If there is a choice between capturing an opponent’s token vs finishing the race for your other token, opt to finish. The numbers you require in the 5 home slots are hard to come by. However, if the option is between achieving victory for one token and capturing an opponent’s token that is just outside their home slot, capture it.

Ludo Comfun is such a fun way to relive your childhood memories, especially when you use our Ludo Comfun hacks. Play the game with strategy but also integrity. We guarantee that you will win as long as you keep a clear head and play for the sake of entertainment.

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