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Are you a sports enthusiast who has always dreamed about partaking in the event in one way or another?

Well, join the club. We all love games, especially sporting events. In India, in particular, we have all developed an innate need to know, watch, and revel in sporting events like cricket, so much so that we practically know everything about it.

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Keeping this in mind, apps like My Team 11 developed a concept wherein you can not only watch these sporting events but create your own fantasy dream team, bet on them, and enjoy the experience much more closely

A fantasy sports app like My Team 11 facilitates the indirect participation of sporting events such as Football and Cricket. You can delve into choosing your dream team of real players from either side during a match with excellent statistics, invest a little money, and earn returns when they score well. Also, learn the best Myteam 11 tips to earn huge.

My team 11 like apps and websites are so popular that people are always looking for similar apps like My Team 11 to diversify their investments. Thus, today, we have created a list of apps similar to My Team 11 that you can use to earn on sporting events and by playing games.

The Tactics you must know to master the game and secure a win

List of apps similar to My Team 11

My team 11 is, no doubt, a viable option for all your fantasy sporting needs. However, there are more apps like My Team 11 that provide better advantages and earning options. Let us have an overview of them:

1. GetMega

Apps like myteam 11

GetMega is possibly the best app like My Team 11 that you can use to earn money. Granted, their concept is a little different but the assured earning potential makes it the best on any list.

To start with, GetMega offers a variety of games. Our favorites are the casino games like Poker and Rummy because they have the highest earning potential.

GetMega is a certified channel, therefore, you can play these games with ease . They require investment but they are as little as Rs. 5 so, it’s a good deal. You also have high-stakes games for professional players where the payouts are humongous.

All the money that you earn on this platform can be easily withdrawn using secure payment channels like PayTM, PhonePe, etc. We recommend withdrawing part of the income and keeping some in your GetMega wallet. This way, you can continue to play more games without having to invest any more.

We find this channel more enticing than others because not only do you have complete control over your money but you also get to sharpen your mind and your gaming skills.

2. Dream11

Myteam 11 like apps

If you prefer apps like My Team 11 for Football, then Dream11 is a good option for you. This app endorsed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni was initiated on the principles of supporting cricket fantasy leagues but has since developed to accommodate more games like Football, Baseball, and Kabaddi.

The app allows you to invest some money and choose a sport in which you wish to build your dream team. Once you’ve made the selection, you will get options of the top players in a match and you can create your own league or join a public one.

Based on your choice of team roster, you earn rewards. If the members play well and score high then you get rewarded. If they don’t you lose your money. Regardless, it is a fun and entertaining platform that allows you first-hand experience in owning your own team.

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3. My 11 Circle

Like Myteam 11 apps

This similar app like My Team 11 has a little twist.

While the concept of this app is to allow participants to build their own teams, you can choose to either play the conventional way or get specific. You will be given an option to choose 5 top bowlers for a bowling league, or the top 5 batsmen for a batting league, or you may choose the standard team.

Their payouts also differ from apps like My Team 11. Here, you see a multiplier for the match. Based on that, if you win then the amount you invested will be multiplied and paid to your in-app wallet. This does make for high earnings.

4. PayTM First Fantasy sports

Similar apps like myteam 11

Another My Team 11 alternative is the PayTM First Fantasy Leagues. Much like other My Team 11 competitors you get an option to invest and initiate your dream team. However, there are more earning options here.

You have a referral code that you can use to invite other players to the app. Not only do you receive a referral bonus but every time these players earn, you get a percentage of that earning too.

The only hitch here is that the amount you win is credited to your PayTM wallet. While you can use cash to make payments for bills and whatnot, it does limit your access to the funds a little.

5. Mobile Premier League

Myteam 11 like apps

Among the few good options of My Team 11 alternative apps are MPL. The platform is designed to support both free and paid participation.

You need in-app coins to partake in betting or building your team. You can earn these coins by watching adverts or finishing tasks. If it takes too long, you can just add money to your wallet.

Using these converted currencies, you can bet on various sporting events or initiate your fantasy league. Depending on the amount of your investment, if your team wins, the app will pay you.

You can also find a few casino games on this platform to keep you entertained. While they don’t have major league games, you can still have a lot of fun and earn a substantial amount of cash.

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How to use apps like My Team 11 to earn money?

My Team 11-type apps were developed to help sports enthusiasts get a taste of what it’s like to be able to choose their own teams. Be it a Football event, Cricket match, Kabaddi tournament, Baseball, Basketball, what have you, it is the dream of any sports fanatic to put together a team of the top players and see how they fare against each other.

Although apps like My Team 11 don’t let you pit the players against one another, you can still choose your favorite team members and see if they are better than the rest. The neat part is, you can earn money from My Team 11-like apps and we’re here to tell you how:

  • Start by choosing a My Team 11 or other apps like My Team 11. You can choose more than one if you find different benefits on each app. Some of the My Team 11 competitors may have better promotions or selections or even allow you to choose captains and vice-captains who make you more money.
  • Now, learn a sport from cover to cover. Be it cricket, Football, Basketball, whatever, just make sure that you know the rules, penalties, various events, players, their performance statistics, and injuries.
  • Each app has its own USP. You may be able to choose more than one sport for fantasy leagues or specific leagues within the game. Based on the options, select your players wisely according to facts and figures.
  • Every Fantasy Sporting League app requires a small investment because you’re going to make money from this. So, add some money to your in-app wallet.
  • You’re ready to invest in your dream team and reap the benefits. You just need to ensure that the teams you design have the potential to meet your expectations. When you win, the apps pay you.
  • If you’re not too inclined on partaking in such high-stakes wagers then there are other sites like My Team 11 for instance GetMega. These sites allow you to play small games and casino games to earn money. They are safer since you invest in your own skills and you know what you do best.

Earning from apps like My Team 11 requires a lot of grunt work. You need to know the apps and the games well. Whereas apps like GetMega only require you to know the games and the rules are available on the app itself.

Nevertheless, earning from My Team 11 jaisa apps is quite beneficial because there is Pandora’s boxful of knowledge pertaining to sports in our heads. Making money out of it is just a bonus.

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How to benefit from playing games on GetMega?

GetMega, as we have mentioned, is an online gaming platform. Here, you can choose to play small casual games, answer trivia questions on various subjects, and you can even play high-stakes and low-stakes casino games.

It is fairly easy to start making money on this platform because its user interface is very simplistic. Here are some of the benefits that you can reap from playing games on this platform:

  1. GetMega only permits verified profiles to play. There are no bots and fake accounts allowed. Therefore, you will always receive your cash earnings.
  2. You can play all sorts of games based on your mood and needs.
  3. There are cash games that you can play to familiarize yourself with the rules and develop your strategies. Once you got them down pat, you can move on to tournaments and contests that are held on a regular basis.
  4. There are huge cash rewards for winning.
  5. You can participate in paid leaderboards for additional prize money and cool gifts like gold coins and mobile phones.
  6. You can learn new games and compete with amateurs and professional players.

There are plenty of other benefits of playing games on GetMega. The biggest one is that while apps like My Team 11 can accommodate real sports betting, on GetMega, you can scrutinize your own potential, check your skills, and gamble money based on informed self-analysis. You can withdraw from the games when you don’t have a good hand too. Thus, GetMega truly is the best app to earn money.

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