Whale in Poker

Whale in Poker

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whale in poker

If one thought that everyone who enters poker walks away with double the money or even the cash they started out with, they are in for a huge surprise. Unless you are experienced and know what you are doing, pitching into a high-stake game can cause a dent to your bankroll. However, some bad players still give into this temptation and end up losing a lot of money. These players are called whales in poker. They are known to be the Holy Grail in poker as they help in contributing to the majority of the pot and let others win in the end. In this article, we take a broad look at what is a whale in poker and further elucidation on them.

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What exactly is whale in poker?

Whale in poker represents a player who possesses a lot of money but is rather inexperienced and unskilled at the actual game. This term is used to denote a poker player who is bad irrespective of how much he has bet or his stake in the game. Whale in poker was originally used to refer to players with extremely high stakes in the game, but in recent times the term has been extended to describe bad players in low stake games as well. The term "whale in poker" is said to have originated from its usage in the financial markets where they refer to big investors as poker whales.


Alternatively, in the context of poker, the term whale(whale poker meaning) can be used to refer to a wealthy person who bets carelessly and does not play poker very well.

  • Synonym of the high roller.
  • A rich player who is bad at poker.

What’s in the playbook of a whale in poker?

Whales are majestic sea animals that can even oppose the tides of the ocean. From this comes the inspiration of the term in financial markets. Whales in wall street are supposedly rich investors who own a lot of money and have the potential to swing the stock market easily. However, being called a whale in poker is more of a weakness than strength as suggested in the financial world.

The term “whale in poker” is very specific to the player and was used to describe a rich player who earned most of his or her money from other businesses. Whale in poker is distinctly used to refer to bad but rich poker players who can pool in the majority of the money in the pot.

How to make use of whales in poker as part of your strategy?

· Recognizing weaker players at your table is always a great skill that will come in handy during the game that you can use to your advantage. Identifying the whales in poker can definitely spike up your win rate overtime.

· Selecting the right table at a poker game can highly influence the way your game will turn out to be. If one ends up at a table with a bunch of whales in poker, they can use it to put up a stronger front as well as win the larger pot.

poker whale

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Some of the famous whales in poker

· Major Riddle – He was a successful businessman during the time of the great depression. He opened some of the most massive hotel strips in Las Vegas and earned tons of money out of it. However, he was most famously known for splurging away all the money by losing at poker tables and ended to become poker whales.

· Jimmy Chagra – He was known to be the sliest whale poker who spent most of his money from drug dealing into poker whale. He blew off huge sums of money in tipping and paying the casino houses. He usually lost his money in high stake games.

· Archie Karas – He came to be known as one of the biggest whales in poker when he was responsible for turning up a $50 bet to $40 million and losing all of it in the process by playing a bad game of poker.

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