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You must be aware that poker hand rankings are regarded as the holy grail of the poker world. Do you know alternative names call some poker hand rankings? For example, the Full House is also known as the Full Boat, while the term trips in poker often denote the three-of-a-kind.

Now, if you are willing to know more about trips in poker, keep reading because, in this post, we have covered the specific meaning of the term trips poker or what trips mean in poker and detailed the ideal Texas Holdem trips strategy.

poker trips
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What do the term trips in poker mean?

In Texas Holdem, poker Trips are a colloquial term that is commonly used in reference to the holding of a three-of-a-kind. Specifically, when a player makes a three-of-a-kind with only one of his hole cards and a pair from the board, he is said to have made trips in poker.

Now, let us understand the meaning of trips in poker better with the help of a short example:

Let’s assume you are playing a game of Texas Holdem wherein you have been dealt 8 of spades and 10 of hearts for starting hands. The flop round comes, and 3 cards, namely – 8 of diamonds, 8 of clubs, and 6 of hearts, are dealt face up. Herein, if you observe closely, you have made trips in poker since you already held an 8 for a hole card, and after that, using a pair from the board, you have made a three-of-a-kind or “trip eights.”

It is imperative for you to remember here that in poker, the terms trips in poker and sets are often used interchangeably. But, in reality, these terms mean two different things.

In poker trips, when a player makes a three-of-a-kind with a pocket pair and only one card from the board, he is usually said to have made a set in poker. For instance – if a player has been dealt 7 of spades and 7 of hearts for starting hands, the flop comes 7 of diamonds, 3 of clubs, and 5 of spades. Instead of trips poker, the player has made a set of sevens.

What is the difference between a trip and set?

If you've been playing poker for some time, you may have occasionally heard of a "full house" called a "boat" occasionally. It's one of those slang terms in poker.

Similarly, you've probably heard "3-of-a-kind" referred to as a "set" or a "trip."

However, what you may not know is that "set" and "trip" are not just aliases; They describe the 2 different ways you can make 3 of a kind in Texas Hold'em.


  • Trip = Three of a kind using your 1 hole card and 2 cards from the board.
  • Set = 3-of-a-kind using your 2-hole cards and 1 card from the board.

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Texas Holdem Trips strategy

Now that you have understood the meaning of the term Texas Holdem trips and the basic difference between trips in poker and sets let us discuss the ideal Texas Holdem trips strategy.

In Texas Holdem, Trips are nearly always a strong hand. However, it is still advisable that you must always play trips in poker with extra caution for 3 viable reasons:

1) It is difficult to slow-play or bluff with Trips in poker since this hand cannot be disguised. This is because if two cards of identical ranks are on the board, it becomes easier for an opponent to guess that a player might have flopped the trips.

2) With trips in poker, you cannot have the nuts on most of the broad textures primarily because someone else can flop a full house with pocket pairs and beat your hand.

trips poker

3) Lastly, when it comes to trips in poker, some other players too can have a Texas Holdem Trips hand akin to you. Herein, the kickers would come into the picture; after that, depending on the strength of the kicker, the winner would be decided.

In trips poker, there is no one-strategy-fits-all solution to play trips. Though generally speaking, the decision to commit more stacks or not after the flop round must be made depending on whether you have flopped trips with a low kicker or a top kicker. Remember, the better the kicker, the higher your chances of winning the pot with trips.

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Are trips good in poker?

  • Yes, trips are generally considered a strong hand in poker.

What are the rules for trips in poker?

  • Trips in poker refer to three of a kind, where a player holds three cards of the same rank. The rules for trips involve using these three cards to make the best possible hand according to the game variant being played.

What is a trip bet?

  • A trips bet is a side bet in some casino poker games where the player bets that their hand will be a three of a kind or better.

What's the difference between trips and a set?

  • Trips refer to three of a kind using one hole card and two community cards, whereas a set refers to three of a kind using a pocket pair and one community card.

What is a trip and example?

  • Trips in poker is when a player holds three cards of the same rank, such as three kings. For example, if a player has K♠K♦K♥ on the board in a Texas Hold'em game, they have trip kings
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