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Like many other games, poker, too, has its terms. Before stepping into the big and enthralling world of poker, it is recommended that you acquaint yourself with some of the most important poker terms and terminologies. This post details the top 10 must-know poker terminologies for beginners and advanced players alike.

Herein, we have divided the poker terms into 4 different sections: basic poker terms, advanced poker terminologies, poker slang, and Texas Holdem terms. Enjoy the convenience of playing poker online with ease on our platform, providing a secure and entertaining environment for players of all levels.

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Basic poker terms

In this section, we have covered the top 3 basic poker terminologies that will likely help you strengthen your fundamentals of poker.


The first poker term on our list is Ante. In poker, the ante is a mandatory bet that all players must put into the pot even before the cards are dealt. The Texas Holdem term, ante, holds a special significance because, unlike blinds, every player has to post an ante bet, not just certain seats at the table. The ante bet is mostly used in cash games and stud games though the poker lingo ante bets are also common during the later stages of the tournaments.


Blinds are the second, most important poker terminology you must know. Blinds are forced bets paid into the pot much before the deal in poker. The poker slang blinds are generally paid by the first two players seated to the button's left. These buttons in community poker games are known as the small blind and the big blind.


The all-in bet is the last on our list of basic poker terms or terminologies. In poker, when a player moves all in, he puts all his chips in the pot. This poker slang is especially important because once a player decides to move all in, he pledges all his chips to the pot. Henceforth he cannot perform any other action because he has no more chips.

Advanced poker terminology

This section lists the top 3 advanced poker terminologies or Texas Holdem terms for the intermediate and advanced players out there.

Angle Shooting

The first advanced Texas Holdem term on our list is angle shooting. The poker term or slang angle shooting is used for all the unethical, misleading, and deceptive actions a player performs to gain an unfair advantage over his opponents. In poker, angle shooting is technically legal as it does not break standard poker rules but is generally frowned upon.

Bad Beat

Here is an infamous poker term or poker lingo on our list - bad beat. In poker, a bad beat is a situation wherein a player with a very strong hand loses to an opponent who is way behind but, after that, hits a lucky card or two and takes the pot home. Herein, the player who loses despite having an incredibly strong hand is said to have suffered a “bad beat.”

Slow Rolling

The last poker lingo or Texas Holdem term on our advanced poker terms or terminology list is slow rolling. In poker, he is said to be slow-rolling in poker when a player takes an unusually long time to call an all-in bet or reveal his cards at the showdown despite having a winning hand. Now, slow rolling is not exactly against the standard poker rules, but it is considered rude and generally against the established poker etiquette.

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Texas Holdem terms

The most popular poker variant currently exists in the poker world is Texas Holdem. But, to play this poker variant, you must be aware of the standard Texas Holdem poker lingo. Therefore, this section lists the two key Texas Holdem terms that will likely come in handy while playing a game of Holdem.


In Texas Holdem, the term flop refers to the second betting round wherein 3 community cards are dealt face-up in the center of the table. All the players seated at the table are usually expected to use the 3 community cards they dealt during the poker lingo flop round in conjunction with their hole cards to make the best 5-card hand.


A key Texas Holdem term is the Button or the button. The poker terminology button represents the dealer's position for the current round of poker. The button in HolButtonnerally moves around the table clockwise with each hand, and this way, each player seated at the table gets a fair chance to become the dealer and play from the button position.

Poker slangs

The poker world is full of strange-sounding but fun slang and jargon. Therefore, this section covers the two must-know poker slang and poker lingos for beginners.

Pocket Rockets

The first poker slang or poker lingo on our list is the pocket rockets. The Pocket Rockets is a poker lingo or poker slang term that is popularly used about the holding of pocket Aces in poker. When a player is dealt Aces-Aces for starting hands, he is said to have been dealt pockets rockets in poker.

King Kong

The mighty King Kong is the final poker slang and lingo on our list. It is a poker term given to holding pocket Kings in poker. In other words, when a player is dealt King-King for starting hands, he is said to have been dealt King Kong in poker.

You would be amazed that while the Texas Holdem term pocket rockets represent the best-starting hand in poker, King Kong is the second-best starting hand.

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