What Are Suited Cards: Importance In Poker, How To Play And More

What Are Suited Cards: Importance In Poker, How To Play And More

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Poker is a game involving considerable strategies and a number of variants. The game also involves different preflop and post-flop actions when dealt with different types of hole cards. Flops are the main streets where cards are dealt and therefore, at these points only players make some rough decision for how they expect the rest of the game to be.
The decision of the player mostly depends on the variety of his hole cards. Here, we discuss one of the varieties of hole cards, that are, suited cards.

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Suited in poker

The term “suited” in poker means that you are dealt with two cards that are of the same suit. For instance, if a player has the starting hand as Ace of diamonds and King of diamonds, it is known as Ace King suited because both the hole cards are of the same suit. When there are two sets of suited cards, cards are known as double-suited and when there is only one set of suited cards, they are known as single-suited.

The starting hands in any game of Hold’em can be either suited of offsuit where “suited” means that both hole cards belong to the same suit and “offsuit” means that both the hole cards belong to different suits. Whereas starting hands in Omaha can be either single-suited, double-suited or offsuit. When all the four cards in Omaha are of different suits, it is referred to as a “rainbow”.

There is another important term when we talk about poker suited cards, that is, suited connectors. Suited connectors refers to the pocket cards in poker which are suited and consecutive. These are considered very strong hands as they form straights and flushes when combined with the community cards.

However, suited connectors are prettiest looking hands, they can be as deadly for your bankroll if you play them wrongly. Therefore, you should ensure to play them wisely so as to crack your opponents rather than making long-term losses.

Are suited cards really better?

Suited cards are considered 2.5% to 4% better as compared to unsuited cards. This has many reasons. Though poker suited cards do not make any difference preflop, they make a significant difference in playability post-flop.

If all the money goes in preflop, the hand will have a 2.5% to 4% higher chance to win in suited poker and you can make a lot of money than offsuit poker. Moreover, suited poker helps you to attack more boards and put more pressure on opponents due to flush possibility. You can also easily enter multiway pots with highly suited hands and fold the majority of off suited ones. The majority of money is made post-flop in poker. Therefore, having suited and high cards helps you a lot in making more money.

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How to play suited poker

Since suited poker involves a post flop strategy, it is very complicated. There are many different scenarios and you have to be able to make your decision according to every situation. Although there can not be any straightforward rule, still we can lay some guidelines to help you make decisions after the flop.

  • Draws on the flop: Try to analyze the potential draws on the flop that are on the board. If there are three cards of the same suit then someone has already hit the flush whereas if there are two cards of the same suit on the flop, then someone could have flush draw.
  • Board pair on the flop: A flop which pairs the board opens up a lot of possibilities of strong hands such as three of a kind, or a full house etc. The person who opens in a pot like this is the one who forces other players to fold and takes the pot away.
  • Situation of opponent: Ask yourself if the flop is likely to help your opponent in some way or the other and predict the range of hands they might hold. This is because we are also trying to put our opponents in a hard situation in the game.

Suited cards are way better than offsuit or unsuited poker. They create a lot of difference in the playability and give the chance to earn a lot more money. However this should not be misinterpreted that poker suited cards always lead to winning the pot, playing them in a wrong manner might put you in a losing situation too.

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What are suited cards in poker?

  • Suited cards share the same suit, either hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades.

Why are suited cards important in poker?

  • Suited cards, especially connectors, can create flush possibilities, adding value and potential for strong hands.

How should I play suited cards?

  • Play suited cards strategically, especially in late position, aiming for flushes or exploiting opponents' weaknesses. Be mindful of pot odds.

Can any suited cards be played aggressively?

  • Suited connectors, especially in higher ranks, can be played aggressively, but always consider table dynamics, opponents, and position.

Are all suited cards equally valuable?

  • No, higher-ranked suited cards have more value. Suited aces, kings, or queens are stronger than lower-ranked suited cards, impacting potential hand strength.
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