The Term Floorman in Poker

The Term Floorman in Poker

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Allowing the dealing to stop amidst a poker game is generally considered a grave sin. After all, poker players and pit bosses alike understand that it is generally far more difficult to restart a stalled game than to keep one going.

Now, a poker game might get stalled for multiple reasons, such as a dispute, mechanical problems at the table, or ambiguity regarding the game rules. This is where the floor man poker comes into the picture. Now, are you wondering who a floor man in poker is? Well, keep reading because, in this post, we have explained the basic meaning and duties of a poker floor man.

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What does the term floorman poker mean?

Simply put, a poker floor man is a card room or casino employee tasked with enforcing the standard poker rules and making the rulings. In other words, a floor man poker is any employee in a poker room tasked with monitoring and administering the poker games and players. Now, you might be wondering what role a floor man in poker plays in a card room. The poker world is far more complex than what people generally fathom. Relative to this, sometimes very obscure situations arise during a poker game that advocates for immediate intervention from an authority.

For instance – Let’s assume you are playing a heads-up game of standard Texas Holdem wherein the dealer accidentally removes your card even before you have folded. As you might have assumed, this situation will lead to a lot of confusion, and you might lose the hand as well.

In such a situation, rather than engaging in a dispute, you must call the floorman poker, who will, then, deliver a ruling based on the game's rules. Here, the floor man might ask the dealer to draw another card, or he can announce the card so mucked as the dead card. It is imperative to remember that floor man poker generally has an encyclopedic knowledge of all poker games, making them competent enough to deliver fair rulings.

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Floorman Poker - Key Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a floor man poker generally vary from one card room to another. Though some of the common duties and floorman responsibilities of a floor man poker include:

1) Enforcing rules and supervising the dealers

2) Seating new players and keeping the poker games balanced and full at all times

3) Handling mechanical problems such as replacing a bad deck or a broken shuffle machine

4) Settling disputes between the dealer and the player or between any two players

5) Assisting the players with any problems they might encounter during the game, such as table or game change requests and procurement of food or beverage services.

6) Keeping the game running smoothly by providing mid-game cashiering services and solving any ambiguities that might arise regarding the house rules.

7) Doling out penalties if a player is caught cheating

Poker rooms typically employ multiple floor man pokers, each responsible for overseeing the games over a set of tables.

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