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The difference between an amateur and an experienced poker player is the latter’s ability to read his opponents and pick up the vital poker tells in advance.

Now, what do you think a tell in poker means? If you are unsure, keep reading because, in this post, we have given the tell-in poker definition and highlighted the top 2 online advanced poker tells that will likely help you win more poker games.

Tell poker definition

According to the tell-in-poker definition, a tell-in poker is an action, a behavioral pattern, or some other physical activity that gives unintended information or clue about the type of hand a player is holding. In other words, a tell in poker is an additional piece of information that can give you vital clues about the strength of your opponent’s hand and his future actions. For instance – while playing a game of poker, if you notice your opponent trembling or shaking a bit too much, then this is an advanced poker tell that your opponent is nervous and probably has a weak hand.

One key skill for acing at any poker game is reading your opponents. The better you understand your opponent’s hand, the easier it will be for you to turn the pot odds in your favor. Vital to this, since a tell in poker often reveals vital information about an opponent’s hand, it is usually advisable that you spend some time while sitting at an online or live table figuring out what type of poker tells your opponent might give. However, at the same time, you must also stay cautious about the type of tell in poker you might be giving away to your opponents.

There is little doubt that visible poker, such as shaking hands, cannot be used while playing online poker. But then there is another range of tell-in poker definitions or advanced poker that you can use to read your opponents and unveil vital information about their hands while playing online poker.

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Top 2 online advanced poker tells

We assume by now you must have understood the tell-in-poker definition. Moving forward, in this section, we have detailed the top 2 online advanced poker tells that you can use to get into the minds of your opponents when playing a poker game online.

Size of the bet as an advanced poker tell

One of the pivotal advanced pokers tells bet-sizing. You can easily use this advanced poker tell against opponents who follow the same betting pattern in certain situations. For instance – you might notice that an opponent always raises 2 times the big blind when he has been dealt a strong hand not to scare away other players. At the same time, you might notice a tell in poker that the same opponent raises 4 times the big blind when he is trying to steal the blinds by pressuring the players to fold. There is no standard way of picking up advanced poker tells of an opponent in poker. However, if you intently observe your opponents, you will likely be able to spot the regular bet-sizing pattern they follow. Afterward, you can use this information to make decisions accordingly.

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Timing as an advanced poker tell

The second advanced poker tell is related to “timing.” In poker, it is generally believed by noting the amount of time your opponents take before making a decision, you can pick up an important tell in poker definition or a tell in poker about your opponents.

For instance - if a player checks his hand after a long pause, he is likely holding a weak hand. On the contrary, if a player bets after a long enough pause, it probably means he is holding a strong hand. However, this is not always a tell in poker cases, as sometimes a player might be bluffing. You must carefully observe your opponent to distinguish between a bluff and a real tell.

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