Table Captain in Poker

Table Captain in Poker

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Every poker player, irrespective of an amateur or a pro, is sure to come across a captain in poker at some point during their lifetime. Now, if you are wondering who is a table captain in poker, then, here’s a guide wherein we have detailed the meaning of the term captain in poker and highlighted the strategy for combating such a player in an actual game.

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Who is a table captain in poker?

The term captain in poker is often used in reference to a loud-mouth, know-it-all at the poker table who tries to control and dictate the way other players play at the table. In other words, the captain in poker is that player at a table who believes that he/she knows-it-all and therefore feels the need to comment on every aspect of the game. The table captain thus often passes comments relative to the style of play of other players, incessantly cites odds and tries to direct the overall action at the poker table.

Now, as unlikely as it might sound, but it is actually quite easy to spot a captain at a poker table. Precisely because, the captain is usually the most aggressive player in every pot, he continuously raises and calls other people’s bets and often indulges in pushes and check-raises. As a result, most players at the table only look to play out against the captain when they are dealt absolute premium hands.

There is little doubt to the fact that the actions and the talkative nature of captains in poker often casts a negative impact on other players at the table, especially the inexperienced and casual players. This is because these players start believing that the captain is the most experienced and studied player at the table who will likely get back at them if they tried to make a move. Due to this, most casual players avoid playing against the table captain in poker and often end up throwing away even marginal hands out of position.

Table captain In Poker

Captain in poker strategy

Having understood who a table captain in poker is, if you are wondering how you can potentially combat someone who’s trying to be a captain in poker, then we have mentioned here how to tackle such table captain in poker.

Firstly, do not ever let a table captain in poker force you out of your comfort zone because this is exactly what your pushy, aggressive opponent is trying to achieve. Now, irrespective of whether you are an inexperienced poker player or somebody who plays with a solid game plan, if you happen to chance upon a table captain, do not ever try to match their aggressive moves with more aggression. Instead, think rationally and make the required adjustments to your game but selectively and after careful analysis.

It is imperative for you to remember that though most table captains try to run over poker tables with incessant aggression and commentary, these players often get into trouble once they start facing resistance from other players. Vital to this, one key strategy for combating a table captain in poker is to check-raise against them at every given opportunity. Now, what is a check-raise? So, check-raise is basically a type of deceptive play wherein a player first checks the action, hoping another player will open, thereafter once somebody else places the bet, the player who initially checked starts raising. It is usually recommended to check-raise against table captains, because these players generally intimidate other players at the table by portraying themselves as absolutely fearless and reckless leaders of the game. As a result, when somebody plays back at them, they believe they are in trouble and thereafter start playing more cautiously and perhaps less aggressively.

Table captain

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