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Betting is the most important factor in any game of poker. It is an action in which money, possession or something else is put at stake for a particular outcome. There are many different types of betting used in poker and they depend on the kind of poker game you are playing. These are made as a part of the game. However, there is another type of betting which is not included as a part of the game but it is made outside the game to bring some fun in the main game. This type of betting is known as “side betting” in poker.

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What is Poker side bet?

A poker side bet is referred to any wager that is made between two or more players outside the game. This income is separate from the primary income. The bet is made by players in a game but is separate from the regular stakes. All the side bets are made over and above the main event.

For instance, you walk to a nearby casino, pay some amount of money to play at some table. Here, the primary source of income is the result of the game, which is if you win; you walk away with a big amount of money. However, a poker side bet would be if you and your friend make a bet about what will be the result of the game. That is a secondary source of income which is different from the primary event.

Players often love side betting. That means in just one game, there might be a number of side bets with a number of criterions amongst the players. While these bets are made with a small amount as compared with the main bet of the game, they make the game very interesting.

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What are some of the good options to make poker side bets on?

❏ The winner of the game - Players flip over their cards when a player goes all-in. This gives everyone a chance to predict about the winner. The players start counting the odds and negotiate upon the price in the first half time. In the other half, everyone focuses upon watching who the winner will be. All this activity is a great source of fun and entertainment for the players at the table.

❏ Coin flip: It is just a common coin flip considering the game. The result is random unless someone brings a biased coin.

❏ Dice rolling: This is another way to produce random results. However, it is more interesting as it gives a variety of bets to the players. For example, you can bet odd vs. even, a number’s multiple or high vs. low.

❏ On darts: This poker side bet involves the actual use of skills. In darts, you can bet over a lot of things but you have to be careful as your opponents also must have spent a lot of time in practice.

Whether you are in a busy poker room or in a home game with your friends, a poker side bet can always bring a lot of entertainment to a slow game. Even if it is made with a small amount, side betting can help you improve your skills. In a game like poker which requires a strategic mind, to become a better player, you need to practice with almost every type of aspect which can be used in the game.

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