Set Over Set in Poker

Set Over Set in Poker

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In poker, the worst situation arises when there are different players in the game but all of them get the same type of sets. This tells you that you are going to lose a very large pot or your entire stock if you do not take the right action. Situations such as this are regarded as “set over set” in poker. You will find “set over set” to be included in favourite bad beat stories of most of the professional players. Let us help you find out a bit more about this poker term.

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What is set over set in poker

Set over set refers to a situation in a hand when there are two different players and they both have sets (three of a kind). A set is considered as a strong hand and can result in a very large pot. However, a set over set can lead to you in a difficult situation because there is only one card which can help you win the pot.

The set over set is very rare to happen in any game of poker but if you play often then you will be in such a situation eventually. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry much about it as the odds of getting into the sets is just 1%, which means extremely unlikely. However, you should understand how to deal with a poker set over set.

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What to do if you are in a set over set situation?

❏ Firstly, you should always try to go broke with your set. The reason is that if you try folding sets frequently at the table, it will cost you a lot of money in the end. It happens with a lot of players and nobody wants to go to from everything to nothing but this is a less harmful way to get through this situation.

❏ Secondly, if you actually want to fold a set, it should be in extremely rare cases:

(i) when your opponent is passive and is giving you a big action

(ii) there are a lot of other nut hands such as flushes or straights in the community cards.

The most important factor to consider here in set over set is the type of player who is against you. It can be difficult to always make the right fold but it can help you in saving your money.

Set over set situations are uncommon but everyone wants to get away from these types of situations. It is not recommended to always go broke or to always flop the set because end of the day, the main factor is your opponent. An expert opponent can reverse the game in just a few moments unlike a beginner who gets nervous most of the time. If you are a beginner in poker, practice the game on a daily basis so that you get well aware of every type of situation.

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