Set in poker

Set in poker

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set meaning in poker

If you are someone who has been playing poker long before it exploded on the internet, you must be aware of all the slang terms used in this game. As a beginner, one might get intimidated and get lost with the plethora of terms that exist in this game. One such term is a set in poker. There is an assumption that sets win money because they are mostly hidden on the board. This is absolutely accurate but aren’t you curious about why it is the way it is and how you can use this in your strategies to optimize the most out of the game? Well, this article covers just that -

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What exactly is a set in poker?

Set meaning in poker(poker term set) is usually referred to as being the opposite of Trips. Here we going to know what is a set in poker? Set poker is known to be a type of ‘Three of a Kind’ in poker. This happens when a pocket pair is made in the hole. Contrary to the previous occurrence, if the set is not made with the pocket pair – it is known to be called Trips in poker. A set in poker is supposed to be of more value and is stronger when compared to Trips due to their ability to disguise in the hole. However, in Texas Hold’em, a set is known to happen when the opponent’s hole card is similar to the card on the table.

Some of the strategies you can use with sets are –

  • As discussed earlier, the main characteristic of sets in poker is their ability to disguise themselves. However, it can turn out to be completely evident when one of your opponents may have made trips when they are in possession of two cards that are exactly similar to the ones on the board.
  • If one is in possession of top trips, they might end up against a full house made from a pocket pair. But, if one is in possession of the top set poker, they can consider themselves extremely lucky as having the top set in poker allows them to have nuts on many boards.
  • If one is holding a set in poker, they do not have to be looking out for the kicker, but it doesn’t apply in the case of trips.

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How is a set supposed to be played?

As we all know by now, that set in poker is way stronger than trips, which makes it easier and convenient for us to commit post-flop when playing cash games online. However, in board textures, there is a high possibility of straights and flushes occurring and any set cannot be used to stack off in the games. When using trips in your poker games, you should make sure that you approach your opponents with a bit more concern and caution, since you do not know the power of their kicker.

Set in Texas Hold’em is supposed to be comparatively stronger than in Pot Limit Omaha. In Hold’em, apart from the top set, the rest are to be played with caution, especially if you are an amateur player. If one is not sure of their set or skills, they are advised not to stack off with the online cash games.

set in poker

Sets vs. Trips

If you've been playing poker for quite some time, you may have heard a "full house" being referred to as a "boat" from time to time. It's one of those slang terms in poker.

Similarly, you've probably heard "3-of-a-kind" referred to as a "set" or a "trip."

However, what you may not know is that "set" and "trip" are not just aliases; They actually describe the 2 different ways you can make 3 of a kind in Texas Hold'em.

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