Rush in Poker

Rush in Poker

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rush poker strategy

Having first appeared on Full Tilt Poker in 2010, playing rush poker is a fast poker variant that has become a craze among millions of poker fans worldwide. Any idea about what playing rush poker is all about? If you are unsure, keep reading this post because here we have listed its meaning and the top 2 rush poker strategy tips associated with it.

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What is the definition of the term rush poker?

If you are familiar with some basics of Poker, then you must be well aware of what happens in a standard poker game once you fold your hand. If you fold your hand, you are usually expected to kill time by sitting and watching your opponents in the game play their hand before you can start another hand.

But not anymore; in rush poker, as soon as you fold your hand, you are transported to another poker table with a new assortment of opponents. Herein, you are immediately dealt a new hand, and there is no wait between the time you fold your hand and start playing a new one with a new set of opponents.

Vital to this, players in rush poker are generally not allowed to choose individual tables; instead, they are divided into player pools. So, once you fold your hand at a table, you are rushed to another table where you play against the opponents from your player pool.

Now, if you are wondering what is the benefit of playing rush poker? Then, take a second look at the name. As the name implies, in this game, the action is continuous; since there is no waiting time, you are dealt an incredibly higher number of hands than in a traditional poker game.

So, if you hate waiting after folding your hand, rush; Poker is the game for you. Moreover, you have a much higher chance of winning more money simply because you will play more games.

Rush Poker is for you or not for you IF…

More importantly, if you can go crazy with the inner action and always stick to a strict strong hand selection.

If you enjoy and search for turbo and ultra turbo Sit n Go games, Rush is the game for you. Rush is the game for you if you can make sound, quick decisions and push quickly on your opening hands, and you are ready to get in occasionally.

Also, the Rush Poker strategy can be a good place to practice making those perfect pre-flop decisions on your opening hands in quick double time so that they become second nature.

The Rush formats aren't going to be for everyone. I want to say that the crowd isn't going to appeal to the highly educated, thinking poker players who use their experience, patience, and strategy to beat We do. Little experienced or impatient players.

It's not enough for a good player to have an edge in a Rush or Zoom game compared to an action junkie. There is no opportunity to use tactical betting or table images.

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Rush poker strategy tips

We assume by now you must have understood what rush poker means. In this section, we have covered the top 2 strategy tips relative to rush in Poker.

Read your opponents

Just like regular poker games, reading the opponents holds utmost importance in the case of rush poker games as well. After all, how you play your hands is the same here.

Perhaps because of this, most rush poker online sites now have an in-built feature wherein players can take notes on each of their opponents individually. However, that’s not all; you can access these notes if you play twice against the same player. But aren’t the players supposed to be changing with each hand? Well, yes, but although the opponents keep changing on each table, they are selected from the same initial player pool. In a rush poker game, you can play against the same opponent multiple times or at least twice but not continuously.

In such a situation, by noting your opponent's specific traits, you save a significant amount of your time as you will not have to waste your time reading the same opponent’s actions repeatedly.

Play premium hands

A common problem with rush poker games is that players tend to become extra tight as they are well aware that they will be dealt another hand if they fold their cards early. Therefore, you should tighten your game and play only premium hands such as Ace-Ace, King-King, etc. Though marginal hands such as 10-10 and 9-9 can also be played cautiously since your opponent might hold a better hand than you.

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rush poker

How Can I Play Rush Poker?

  1. First, choose Rush Poker in the first set of options at the bottom of the list.
    Select the types of poker game you want to play in the second set of options.
  2. Then choose the type of betting limit from the last two sets of options and the bet you want to play, from micro bets to the highest available bet.
  3. You can choose as many of these as you want to expand the scope of the tables that will be presented to you.
  4. You must also ensure you have selected the real money check box in the upper right corner of the lobby.

Pros and Cons of playing the Rush Poker

  1. Variance - Cannot be controlled. What may seem good might turn around quickly.
  2. Confidence is key while playing Poker, but overconfidence might be lost.
  3. Loosening Up - You could continue winning the pot by loosening up at the felt, but it might cost you if you are not careful enough.
  4. Upping the Stakes
  5. Winner's Guilt
GetMega is an amazing platform that lets you play Hold'em Poker with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega Hold 'em Poker now!
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