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If you are a newbie to the poker world, then it is quite likely you must have experienced a barrage of new and strange-sounding terms. One such example is runner-runner poker.

Though unusual to hear, runner meaning is one of the simplest terms in poker. In this post, we have covered the meaning of runner poker(what is a runner in poker) and its ideal strategy.

Runner Runner in poker
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Runner runner poker – Meaning

The term runner meaning in poker is commonly used when a player completes a winning hand by hitting two favorable cards back-to-back on the turn and river rounds. In other words, regarding Texas Holdem, the term runner in poker describes a situation wherein a player completes a big hand after catching two required cards on the turn and river rounds.

Herein, you might think that isn’t the definition of backdoor in poker on the same lines. Well, truly speaking, Yes! But then there is a difference.

While in popular usage, the term runner poker is often used synonymously with the backdoor. However, precisely speaking, the term backdoor refers to both a draw and the resulting hand, while runner only refers to the draw. For instance, a poker player might say he has hit a backdoor flush draw or a runner's heart after catching two simultaneous heart cards on the turn and river rounds.

Though, do not get confused if a player mentions he has hit a runner-runner straight or a runner-runner flush after catching two required cards on the turn and river, as the meaning remains the same in both cases.

Moving forward, let us understand the meaning of the term runner poker with the help of a short example:

Let’s assume you are playing a game of standard Texas Holdem wherein you have been dealt 6 diamonds and 5 diamonds for initial cards. The flop round comes, and 3 cards – Ace of diamonds, King of spades, and 7 of clubs are dealt face up.

Herein, if you look closely, you already hold 3 diamond cards. Now, you need two more diamond cards to come on the turn and river rounds or runner poker diamonds to hit a flush. Building on the same example, let’s say the turn card comes out to be an 8 of hearts while the river card turns a 9 of spades. In the above situation, even though you didn’t hit a flush, you successfully made a backdoor straight draw or a runner-run poker straight.

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Runner runner poker strategy

Now that you understand what runner-runner poker means, let us discuss the ideal runner strategy.

Regarding runners in poker, the odds of catching two cards simultaneously on the turn and river rounds are minuscule. Relative to this, the odds of hitting a runner-runner flush or a runner-runner straight in poker generally lie between 1-4%. With such small odds, you can perhaps never be 100% sure of hitting a runner flush or straight runner, but this does not mean such an occurrence can never happen.

Here, you have two options: fold your hand, take a chance, and keep firing continuation bets until you hit the required runner poker cards. When a player raises pre-flop and, after that, bets on the flop round, he is said to be placing a C-bet. If you choose the second option, play cautiously because you might have the best hand during the flop round, but the same can be outdrawn after the turn and river cards are dealt.

runner runner poker

It is better to play your runner-runner in position

Running backdoor (runner-runner poker) is trivial. But if we are in position, a runner-runner can fall for us. Imagine the following scenario. We are in the button position. All the players have folded in front of us. We open, and the player in the SB position calls. We have the A5 in spades and the 2-8-K drops with the single-flop spade. This is a good flop to bet on. We have folding equity, as well as a runner-up. We bet, and our opponent calls. Turn of Spades is 4! Since the card opens the back door, we have enough equity to cheat the turn again!

what is a runner runner Texas Holdem?

When it takes two valid cards on both the turn and the river to convert an average or weak hand into a strong hand after the flop, it should normally qualify as a "long shot." Also, here "strong" hands are considered straight and better. These are often called "back doors," such as the back door straight or flush, etc.

After the flop, there are always 47 unseen cards. These will make up a total of 1081 possible two-card combinations that are used to perform these probability comparisons.

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Why is it called runner runner?

  • It's called "runner runner" because it refers to hitting two consecutive cards on the turn and river to complete a drawing hand.

What are the odds of hitting a runner in poker?

  • The odds of hitting runner runner depend on the specific hand and the cards needed, but generally, they are quite low, often less than 5%.

What is a poker game runner?

  • A "runner" in a poker game typically refers to someone who is responsible for various tasks, such as getting food or drinks for players, managing the seating, or handling chips.

What is good running in poker?

  • "Running good" in poker means experiencing a fortunate streak of luck, often characterized by consistently winning hands or hitting favorable cards.

What do you call a bad poker player?

  • A bad poker player is often referred to as a "fish" or a "donkey" in poker slang. These terms imply someone who plays poorly and makes costly mistakes.
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