Prop Bet in Poker

Prop Bet in Poker

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Poker is an exciting game with a humongous pool of enthusiastic players. Some might think and know that the game in itself is a rollercoaster ride with massive highs and lows. However, for players who prefer extra adrenaline in poker, prop bets are the right way to go. Prop bets add a factor of entertainment to poker, keeping the players enticed throughout and even after the game. This article showcases the definition of the poker prop bets and some of their examples -

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What exactly is prop bet in poker?

In poker, prop bet is the abbreviation of “proposition bets”. The general sense of prop bets is to make bets on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a certain event. In case of poker, prop bets are made on whether the opponent is likely to fold or not, and depending on various other situations that arise in a game of poker. The two prominent types of prop bets in poker are – extraordinary bets that include very strenuous tasks and bets made on the possibility of a card hitting the flop. The second prop bet rule is quite infamous for being a public spectacle because of the kind of task that entails it.

In poker, prop bets don’t necessarily have to be predetermined. It is usually made during the game and is likely to change the outcome of the game depending on the context and type of bet that is being made.

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Famous examples of the prop bet

· The host of the first World series of Poker, Titanic Thompson had made a poker prop bet that he could drive a golf ball to a length of 500 yards and many golf players having known the game very well were certain that it was an impossible feat. However, Titanic made it possible by swinging the ball during the winters over a frozen lake covering 500 yards and won his bet.

· Amarillo Slim was a legendary, old-school poker player who challenged a former tennis player, Bobby Riggs, to a game of table tennis. Amarillo chose frying pans to be the paddles for the game and successfully won the poker prop bet as he had been practicing playing with frying pans for months beforehand.

· Professional poker player Antonio Esfandiari took on a challenge not to walk for 48 hours and only do lunges instead of walking. Though Antonio won the prop bet, he was briefly disqualified for breaching etiquettes of the tournament.

Other examples in poker, of the prop bet are –

· In poker, the major prop bet is the three card flop. At the beginning of the game, three players choose three different cards of varying suits. If the three cards you hold happens to hit the flop, the other players holding the prop bet have to pay you up. If the cards are from the same suit, there is a chance of you being paid a higher amount than before. If only two of the cards hit the flop and the other is either a turn or river, the rest of the players are obligated to pay you the minimum amount agreed prior to the game.

· Prop bets can be made by two players holding a red or black card each. If the flop turns out to have more red cards than black cards, the player with the red card wins the poker prop bet and takes home the money discussed.

· In poker, prop bets can also be made with royal flush being the main catch. Whoever gets a royal flush in the game is supposed to be paid by the rest of the players at the table.

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