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Bets in poker are commonly regarded as one of the most powerful weapons in any poker player’s arsenal. Rightly so, when used strategically, the poker bets can pretty much knock even the best players out of the game. Now, another type by the name of probe bet poker is added to the list of poker bets. Now, in this post, we have detailed the meaning of probe bet poker along with the top 2 tips for making probe bets in poker.

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Probe bet poker – Explanation

A probe bet is fired out of position during the turn or river rounds when the initial raiser decides to check back the action during the flop round instead of putting a continuation bet. What is a continuation bet? Well, when a player who raised preflop decides to place a bet during the Flop round, he is also said to be placing a continuation bet, better known as C-bet.

Now, let us understand the basic concept of probe bet poker using a short example:

Let’s assume you are playing a game of Texas Holdem against an opponent, says Mike. Here, Mike begins the action and open raises (an open raise is the first raise during the preflop round). After that, you immediately cold-call the action from the big blind (In Texas Holdem, if a player raises preflop and another player calls, the second person is said to be cold-calling). Furthermore, you check the action on the Flop out of position, and Mike checks back the action instead of firing a C-bet. Now, if you decide to put a bet out of position during the turn round, then you will be said to be putting a probe bet poker.

probe bet poker

Otherwise known as a feeler bet or blocker bet, the probe bet poker is quite valuable and, when used correctly, might help you win the pot. Most poker players generally use probe bet poker for 3 distinct reasons:

1) To win the pot during the turn or river rounds

2) To take control and gain the upper hand in the game

3) To gather information on the opponent and build a bluffing spot during the river round

Top 2 tips for making probe bets in poker

Having understood the basic meaning of probe bet poker, let us discuss the top 2 tips you must consider before making probe bet poker in this section.

Consider the board texture

When it comes to probing bet poker, you must consider the board texture first and how it relates to your opponents and your hand range; generally speaking, it is always considered a good idea to use probe bet poker when the Flop shows lower-ranked cards. This is precisely because, with lower cards on the Flop, your opponents would likely have difficulty continuing with a C-bet, even if they turn round shows a strong card. By placing a probe bet poker, you can easily take the lead and force your opponents to fold.

C-bet stats

One key benefit of playing online poker games is that they generally show the poker stats of the players; this, in turn, can help you gain a perspective about your opponents. Based on poker stats, there are generally two types of players. First are the players who have a low C-bet percentage and, as such, only continue when they have made hands, such as a pocket pair. Without made hands, these players usually check back on the Flop and generally pose as ripe targets for a probe bet poker.

By firing a probe bet on these players, you can expect them to fold most time. On the contrary are the high C-bet percentage players who usually have balanced ranges and understand frequencies. Against these players, you must play cautiously and fire a probe bet only when you have premium hands.

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Probe Betting on Your Hands

- Poker Snowie recommends probing betting 61 percent of the time in this situation and favors the proactive strategy, even on an Ace high board, which favors preflop perpetrators. This allows us to capture the pot right away, and if we are challenged, you can indeed upgrade or force our approach to the pot on heart rivers.

- Given that your competitor pushed through on the Flop, they are unlikely to hold a strong hand. Occasionally they'll have an actual beast, some bluff catchers, or opt to keep checking with a hand themselves. Still, in many circumstances, their hand will have delinquent spotting the flip probing bet and have to abandon on numerous rivers.

- Snowie like to bet out in these situations since we've gained the backdoor advantage and our hand is partly concealed. Furthermore, our Ace outs may also be solid since there are many reasons to move here first and begin wagering out. If we are challenged, we can experiment with alternative tactics and stake sizes depending on the river card if we do not progress.

probe bet

When to use Probe Bets

- When the rival examines folds frequently: Utilize your hand reading skills and make the river decision as and when required.

- When the Board favors your range: One which is in your favor will be tough for your rival to crack. Flops like 7♠5♦4♣, where you can get more than 2 pairs of hands in our favor.

- When we have drawn with no showdown value: The hands are ideal for probing since they have an advantage but would hesitate to accept a bet from our rival. You can secure a win right away by betting them, and even if you fail to get a fold, you have to realize and decide whether to keep going with the bluff.

- When on your turn, Flop ends: Because individuals like to wager their draws on the Flop, they will frequently have a limited number of combinations of any draw that accomplishes and ends on the turn.

- Having a hand comprising good value: Good hands allow you to make a pot; if your rival does not bet the Flop, we should start making a pot larger.

When to avoid Probing

- When your opponent has many strong hands: Having a stronger and much more rigid hand when you value betting against a rival is vital, and limiting and restraining bluffs is important.

- When we have a marginal showdown value hands: Under such circumstances, we have hands that have the potential to be great but would battle to be challenged by lesser hands.

When the things are in your rival’s favor: When the things are not in your favor and when the Flop is very less, and a high card appears on the turn

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