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If you are even remotely familiar with poker, you must have encountered some common but extremely crucial terms such as call, raise, check, or well fold. Add to that list another important term, namely post-flop. Before you ask us what this term means in poker, we have already covered the meaning and ideal post-flop strategy in this article.

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What does the term post flop mean in poker?

As the name suggests, post-flop means everything that happens “after the flop.” The flop is that round in a standard Texas Hold'em game where 3 community cards are dealt face up. Therefore, post-flop relates to all the actions during the flop, turn, and river rounds. Here, turn, and river relates to those rounds in any game of Texas Hold'em where 1 community card each is dealt face up.

When it comes to poker, the flop is the stage where most of the action unfolds; during the post-flop, players generally have the most information about their opponents, which they use to devise a poker strategy. Post-flop can be used for any game with a flop round, such as Omaha and Texas Hold'em. Vital to this, since draw and stud poker games do not have flop rounds, this term holds little significance in these poker variants.

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Post flop strategy

Post-flop is undoubtedly one of the most important rounds in any poker variant. After all, the decisions you make in this and the pre-flop round can affect your entire game. Here, pre-flop relates to all the action that unfolds before the 3 community cards are dealt face up. In this section, we have covered the strategy you can use after the flop, which will help you improve your game though you must always be prepared to tweak this strategy based on the situation at hand.

When it comes to post-flop, most poker players, in general, follow the widely known strategy of aggression. However, selective aggression is the ideal strategy after the flop round. This is because the post-flop is a dynamic point in any poker game where wildly aggressive players often leave themselves open to traps set by opponents. Instead, to ace this round, as an astute poker player, you must tamper your aggression based on your opponent’s moves, position, and hand range.

Since the decisions made during the pre-flop round usually hurt the post-flop strategy. Therefore, as a key tip, always play the pre-flop round as cautiously as possible. Building on the same, do not ever intend to play too many starting hands during the pre-flop round. Instead, wait for the flop round, and after that, base your post-flop strategy on how strong you find the 3 flop community cards to be.

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