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Poker is often claimed to be a rewarding game where expert players win millions of dollars. However, to win at poker, you must first acquaint yourself with some basic poker rules and terminologies, such as peeling. Now if you are wondering what does peel poker mean? Here’s a quick guide wherein we have detailed the meaning of peel poker and a working example.

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What is the definition of the term peel poker?

When it comes to poker peel, the term peel poker is generally used when a player elects to call a bet to see another card that could potentially improve his drawing hand to a winning one. In other words, a player is said to be peeling when he calls a bet with the sole intention of seeing another card.

Poker players generally peel poker/peel in poker when they hold a drawing hand or another speculative hand that needs other cards to win. Therefore, by peeling in poker/peeling poker, players try to see another card to calculate the chances of them hitting a drawing hand.

peel poker

Peel poker – working example

If you still have doubts regarding what peel poker means, keep reading because, in this section, we have detailed a working example of peel poker.

Let’s assume you are playing a standard Texas Hold'em game wherein you have been dealt 6 hearts and 7 hearts for starting hand. As soon as the initial cards are dealt, your opponent, who is in a late position, raises pre-flop, holding suited connected cards. You decide to call her a pre-flop raise. After that, the flop round comes, and 3 cards – Jack of spades, 2 of diamonds, and 8 of hearts are dealt face up.

If you observe closely after the flop round, you have a backdoor flush draw and a backdoor straight draw. Hereon, you have two options: rightly fold your cards or play with your backdoor draws. Let’s assume you take your chance and decide to peel poker by calling another bet to see if your hand can improve any further on the turn.

Let’s say the turn card is a 3 of clubs. In such a situation, as you might have guessed, your hand is not worth anything anymore, and as an astute poker player, you should certainly fold to another bet.

Now, let’s imagine an alternative scenario. Instead of 3 clubs, the turn card is a 5 of hearts. Fortunately, both your backdoor flush draw and backdoor straight draw have now improved to a flush draw and straight draw, and in standard poker terms, you now possess an open-ended straight flush draw. Given that you now hold a strong drawing hand, you are well in line to win the massive pot.

peel in poker

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Generally speaking, peeling in poker should always be used as an integral part of a balanced poker strategy to bluff and confuse the players at the table. Since your opponents have no idea what you are holding by using peel poker as a part of your strategy, you can pretty much tilt the game in your favor.

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