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Every poker player, irrespective of a rookie or a pro, must know about term over pair to be good at the game. If you are unsure about what the term over pair in poker means, keep reading because this post has detailed the definition of over pair in poker and the ideal poker strategy over pair strategy.

Over pair in poker definition

In poker, overpair is a pocket pair higher than any possible pairs a player can make with the cards on the board. Let us understand this over pair in poker definition better with the help of a short example:

Let’s assume you are playing a game of poker wherein you have been dealt King of Spades and King of Hearts for starting hand. The flop round comes, and 3 cards, namely – 5 of diamonds, 6 of spades, and 10 of clubs are dealt face up. Herein, as per the poker definition, you hold an overpair. Precisely because, in the above example, the pocket pair you hold for starting hands is higher in rank than any pairs that could be made with the cards currently available on the board.

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Poker over pair strategy

We assume by now you must have understood the over-pair in poker definition. In this section, we have detailed the ideal poker over pair strategy.

In poker, over pairs are typically characterized as strong hands. However, the strength of an overpair in poker usually depends on two key factors, which are:

1) The rank of an overpair in poker – The higher your overpair is in rank, the better your chances of winning the hand.

2) The board texture – If you have been dealt an over pair in poker, but the board texture is quite well coordinated, you are in trouble. Why?

Let’s assume you have been dealt an over pair such as Queen-Queen, and 3 cards – 7-8-Jack are dealt face up in the flop round. Herein, even though you have an overpair in poker, any player holding the 9-10 for starting hands would be far ahead because he would have made the best possible hand.

Therefore, when it comes to over-pair in poker, you must always remember that though it is a strong hand, it is only one pair and can thus be beaten by players who end up making better poker hands. Relative to this, always play an over pair in poker aggressively but cautiously, and if possible, avoid over-calling in poker with this hand.

What is an overcall in poker? When a poker player calls a bet after one or more players have already called, he is said to have made an overcall in poker. For instance – at the turn round, player 1 bets, player 2 calls, and then if you call, you have made an overcall in poker. This is because an overcall in poker is only recommended when a player has a premium hand and absolute pot odds.

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