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lammer in poker

Poker seems to be a simple game when we play it online. However, organizing a poker game at casinos or homes has many complexities. A lot of things have to be arranged, including the basic things, i.e., a poker table, poker chips, and a deck of cards, but a complete list of equipment such as dealer buttons, poker case, card protectors, timer, chip tray, etc. This list is incomplete without a special button, specifically ‘Lammers’ or poker Lammers. Here, we explain briefly what Lammer's meanings in poker are, what they are used for, and their significance in any poker game.

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What are lammers in poker?

What is a lammer? Lammers meaning in poker, refer to small colored plastic disks or buttons that have some number or text imprinted over them. The word ‘lammer’ is used in satellite tournaments for the awarded chips. If it is a number, its value is equivalent to many rupees. If it is a text, it is used to represent something to a particular player. The Casino dealers use Lammers poker to track the state of any poker game and to know how little money, in the form of cash or chips, has been taken from a particular player. Casinos have their own specific rules for using different types of casino Lammers.

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What are lammers in poker used for?

There are no specific classifications of poker or casino Lammers, but they can be used in different forms in different games. For example, a HI/LOW lammer can be used in mixed games to track what’s being dealt with. A bounty game can use an ON/OFF lammer or a 3rd man button to count the number of players who walked away. A lamer with ‘DEALER’ or just ‘D’ imprinted over it represents the next dealer.

The use of Lammers in poker is not just limited to these areas. They can also indicate the variants used in the game, tell whose turn it is to pay the blinds or who must deal next.

casino lammer

Lammers poker can be used in many more ways, depending on how the casinos want to use them. While all casinos do not use Lammers, you should still understand their use and significance so that you don’t face a problem in case they are used.

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