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It is a misconception that poker ends you in a ditch and sometimes might not give you anything in return. This situation doesn’t hold true in the case of “in the money” in poker when the players are guaranteed a payout and wouldn’t be in any sort of loss by the end of the game. Then, those players are referred to be “in the money”. In this article, we take a deeper look at the term in the money in poker and how it is widely used by popular poker players to stock their poker money.

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What exactly does the term in the money mean in poker?

the money in poker usually means a situation in the game during which the player is assured a certain amount of money regardless of whether their hand wins or not. Sometimes, this assurance is given even before the game begins, so that the player can have a stress-free game and wouldn’t have to think about leaving without anything. The most popular example of in the money in poker would be when the players at the final table are assured that they would be splitting the pot irrespective of the next turn of events in the game.

There are other certain uses of this phrase as well in the world of poker. In the money in poker is also used as a statement to validate someone’s victory in the game. It can be used to describe a player as someone who finished in the money in poker after they have won and have raised more money than they invested in the game. Also, the poker community sometimes refers to the poker organizations as being in the money when they see a profitable opportunity.

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How did this term originate?

In the money in poker was derived from the same term that is used in financial scenarios. In finance, this term is used to indicate when the market price is estimated to be over the strike price of a particular stock option. However, there is a considerable difference in how the term is used in both the spectrums. In finance,” in the money” doesn’t always assure the person with a profit. Whereas, in poker, the player is guaranteed profit or more money than what they need to break even.

Some of the famous examples of “In the money in poker” are –

·         Phil Ivey, a prominent poker player, had been suffering back-to-back losses against his recent opponents. But, in particular he was coerced to suffer tremendously against Borgata as they confiscated his money even after ending up with an in the money in poker of the amount - $50,000.

·         Justin Bonomo finished his game in the money, with an estimated return of $1.5 million. Along with this, his other poker achievements put him in the number 5 position of the top money list in poker.

·         Benjamin Heath is famously known as the early leader for the World Series of Poker Player of the Year award after a massive win in the $50,000 High Roller event. A large proportion of his poker money came from in the money in poker that was assured to him prior to the beginning of the game.

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