Forced Bet in Poker

Forced Bet in Poker

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Poker has gained popularity as a sport in casinos as well as in the online poker rooms. Having so many variants, this game provides a number of game options as well as actions to the players. The players can fold, check, raise, bet or call. However, there are cases where the player won’t have the option to fold or raise. In such situations, he will have to bet. These types of bets are known as forced bets in poker or forced bets poker.

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What are forced bets in poker?

Forced bets in poker refer to a wager or an initial cost which is required to start the game. It is mandatory in the first betting round and exists in different poker variants in different forms. Forced bets in poker are always there in virtual poker games. The requirements for forced bets and the betting limits are together known as the game’s betting structure.

What are forced bets in poker

There are many different forced bets used in any poker game:

Ante: This is a forced bet in any poker variant where each player puts an equal amount of chips in the pot before the deal begins. It ensures that any player who folds every round will eventually lose his money. Antes are usually used in draw poker and stud poker, and rarely used in variants which use blind sets.

Blinds: Blinds or blind bet is a forced bet which is placed by one or more players in the pot before the deal begins such that bets made during the play can be stimulated. Usually a blind is considered as a “live bet” because the amount paid as blind is considered while calculating the bet to that player in the first betting round.

Kill Blind: In a kill game, the kill blind is made by a player who triggers the kill. Most often a kill blind is equal to twice the amount of a big blind but the figure can vary according to the house rules.

Bring-in: This type of forced bet is made after the initial cards are dealt but before any other action. A player is forced to start betting even with a small amount and after that, others follow him in normal rotation. Bring-ins are normally used in games with an ante.

Post: When a player joins a game involving blinds which is already in progress, he is required to “post”. Posting here means putting an amount equal to the amount of big blind in the pot. A post is also known as a “dead blind”.

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Why are forced bets used in poker?

The main reason to use forced bets in poker is to seed the pot so that the players with superior hands can be provided with more incentive. Even the players with weaker hands get benefitted by it, as they get good pot odds to continue playing the game. The blinds in forced bets in poker are used for draw poker and flop poker while bring-ins and antes are used for stud poker.

Why are forced bets used in poker

Basically, forced bets in poker provide money at the start of the game. It also ensures that an equal amount is being paid by every player before the deals. Sometimes, the rules may vary in the game but it happens rarely.

Forced bets in poker/force bet are generally part of a game. Their values can differ with the game type. There are some variants of poker which do not use a specific type of forced bet. Therefore, to become a better player you must know when and how to use which type of forced bet in a particular game.

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