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In poker, a player is said to be “in the dark” when either he takes an action without looking at the cards or when he is in the situation before the betting round. Dark bet poker is related to such an instance and poker dark bet is a very unusual action because at times it is regarded as a binding rule while at some places these actions are not allowed.

What is dark bet in poker

The “in the dark” move can be done in two ways, which is to either check in the dark or bet in the dark. Your hand is not worth betting when you “check in the dark” and your hand is worth betting when you “bet in the dark”.

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What is “Dark bet” in poker?

The term “dark bet” or “bet in the dark” in poker refers to a betting action that is taken without looking at the cards that are dealt before the first betting round.
A player is said to have a dark bet in poker if he bets without looking at his poker hand or he bets before the next street is dealt.

Dark actions are not as special as they sound, and in fact, they are treated as normal actions after the flop. There are various situations when a dark bet is used by a player. Sometimes poker dark bet is done just for showboating or just to confuse the opponents. Dark bet in poker is also used to tell your opponents that the coming cards will not affect your hand.

How to use dark bet in poker

A player can choose to go for dark bet in poker if he is the first to act on a hand after all the players who have checked in the dark. Actually a player doesn’t announce a dark bet, he places as many chips as required on the table. Once a player chooses to bet in the dark he cannot change his mind thereafter.

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The one and only benefit of betting in the dark or dark bet poker is that it spooks and intimidates your opponents at the table. Basically, it attacks the psychology of others. Most of the opponents would think that if the player has placed a dark bet, he must have a very strong hand, making it a strong bluffing move.

A dark bet in poker is just a type of blind bet, taken without seeing which cards are dealt in the current hand. When a player bets in the dark he declares that he will bet regardless of the cards. However, when you don’t bet in the dark, you have more expectations that the upcoming cards would help your hand and you can choose your strategy in the “light”.

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