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Nope. Not those rowdy cowboys from a Western classic; here we are talking about the term cowboy in poker as used in the poker world. To truly understand the meaning of the cowboy in poker, keep reading because, in this post, we have highlighted the meaning of the cowboy and detailed the ideal cowboy playing poker strategy.

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What does the term cowboy in poker slang mean?

The cowboy in poker slang term or nickname is popularly used about the holding of the King-King in poker. In other words, when a player is dealt King-King for starting hands, he is said to have been dealt cowboys in poker or poker cowboys. The cowboy in poker is the second-best starting hand, only behind the mighty pocket Aces. Vital to this, cowboy hand poker comes with equity close to 75% during preflop; therefore, a cowboy's hand in poker is one of the strongest preflop holdings.

cowboy hand poker

Though cowboy in poker slang is the most common nickname given to the holding of King-King in Holdem, there are other names for cowboy's hand in poker slang. Some of the famous ones go like Kangaroos, Gorillas and King Kong.

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Cowboys playing poker strategy

We assume by now you must have understood the meaning of the term What are cowboys in poker? So, now that you know that cowboy in poker slang is used to refer to a holding of King-King in poker, in this section, let us discuss the ideal cowboy playing poker strategy.

In poker, the cowboy is the second strongest starting hand; therefore, folding the cowboy is an option you cannot even think of, except when you have read your opponents and are 100% sure that one has been dealt pocket Aces. In any other situation, the cowboy in poker or poker cowboys is such a strong initial holding that it is always worth playing preflop and post-flop.

Now, if you have been dealt cowboys in poker or cowboy in poker slang, then the ideal cowboys playing poker strategy is to raise and re-raise the holding of poker cowboys, especially pre-flop. Why? Because when it comes to cowboys in poker, your only aim must be to play the holding of poker cowboy as profitably as possible. Since you hold a major advantage over your opponents if you have the poker cowboy hand at the preflop stage, take a step forward and raise the cowboy in poker slang hand, irrespective of your position. Even if any other player raises before you in hand, with a holding of a cowboy in poker, re-raise the bet. As per the Cowboys playing poker strategy, there is a high chance you might be up against a bad poker player calling with a wide range of hands.

Herein, there are 2 key exceptions to the otherwise straightforward cowboys playing poker strategy of raising and re-raising, both of which we have listed below:

1) If you are dealt a holding of cowboys in poker but are up against an overly tight opponent, then the poker cowboy strategy of raising and re-raising will probably not work. This is because it is generally known that overly tight opponents do not give any action to their opponents without strong holdings.

2) If you are up against a known opponent, try to mix the actions up instead of blatantly following the cowboy strategy to keep your opponent guessing about your poker cowboy holding.

In poker, cowboys or poker cowboys is such a hand that you must play aggressively at the post-flop stage as well, and with the cowboy in poker, always try to get as many chips into the pot as possible.

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