Combo Draw in Poker

Combo Draw in Poker

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We assume you are familiar with the strength of flush draws and straight draws in poker, but what if we tell you sometimes players get a combo draw? Though a combo draw poker hand is pretty rare, this is precisely why they hold even higher equity in the pot than other made hands. In this post, we have covered the contextual meaning of combo draw poker and the general considerations for playing combo draw poker hands in poker.

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Combo draw poker – meaning

A combo draw poker/poker combo draw is a type of poker hand that simultaneously includes both a flush draw and a straight draw. How? Well, let us help you understand the meaning of combo draws poker with a short example:

So, in a round of standard Texas Holdem, you currently hold 10 clubs and 9 clubs. The flop round comes, and 3 cards, namely – Jack of clubs, 4 of clubs, and 8 of diamonds, are dealt face up. Here, if you observe closely, you hold an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw.

Combo draw in poker

Generally speaking, if any player holds a combo draw poker at the flop round, he is said to be holding a better chance of winning than any other made hand at the table. For instance – in the above example, you have a 56% chance of winning with 10 clubs and 9 clubs as opposed to only 40% if you are dealt a King of diamonds and a King of hearts.

The Best Way to Play Combo Draws?

The reason combo draws are played aggressively becomes clear when you consider the fundamentals of poker. Especially:

  1. Equity
  2. Equity Recovery
  3. Fold Equity
  4. Implicit Odds / Future Street Implications

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Top 2 considerations for playing combo draws in poker

A Combo draw poker is a rarity in Texas Holdem and therefore is considered one of the strongest holds by poker standards. So much so that even if you have been dealt the worst combo draw poker hand, namely - Gutshot straight flush draw, you still have a chance of winning equal money to an overpair.

A gutshot straight combo draw is a drawing hand that needs just 1 specific card to hit a straight. If, in a game of poker, a player holds a gut shot straight draw along with a flush draw; then he has 13 outs against an overpair. When it comes to poker, an out is described as any unseen card that, if drawn, will improve the player's hand to the one likely to win. An overpair is a pocket pair higher than any other pair that could be made with the cards on the board.

Combo draw strategy

Vital to this, you must always play combo draw poker hands in any poker variant as quickly and aggressively as possible. Though, before playing these draws, you must always consider two specific factors:

  1. Fold equity – Now, fold equity is the equity a player can gain if his opponent folds to his bet. As a rule of thumb, you must always calculate fold equity before you play your combo draws.
  2. Implied odds are the amount of money you stand to win on the later streets if you successfully hit one of your outs. The implied odds must always be calculated after you hit the draw.

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