Chip Dumping in Poker

Chip Dumping in Poker

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When it comes to playing poker, whether online or in casinos, players are found to be involved in a number of activities which are illegal and even violate the rules of the game. Though there are many players who are fair in their game, some players can always be found indulged in such unlawful activities.

There are many illegal activities which ruin such an interesting and strategy-based game as poker. “Chip dumping” is one common activity amongst these. This is done with strong unlawful intentions and could lead to serious consequences.

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What is Chip Dumping in poker?

Chip dumping is an act of losing chips purposefully and intentionally by one or more players to another player at the table and transferring their chips to that player. In most cases, the intention is to transfer illegal money. There can be many people involved in this practice, who aid money to their partners. This activity is not tolerated in casinos and is highly illegal in any poker game.

Chip dumping occurs in the two most common scenarios:

❏ Online poker: In poker online games, chip dumping poker is used, obviously, for some dishonest reasons. Players move the illegal money to each other. However, all the online poker sites have a dedicated security team. Therefore, in case of any suspicious activity, the players are banned from the sites.

❏ Casino poker: In casinos or at any other place where a poker game is being organized, all the other players are already instructed upon to whom they have to dump the money.

The chip dumping in tournaments is sometimes very easy to detect but experienced con players know their way around.

chip dumping in poker

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Consequences of Chip Dumping

Many of the online poker sites and casinos give various rewards and incentives to good players. However, activities such as chip dumping help some players but ruin things for others who want to play a fair game.

All the online poker sites have a chip dumping detection system to alert about something suspicious. When a player is found involved in such a malpractice, he/she is completely banned from that platform. While in casinos, it is difficult to detect such an activity if the players are too sophisticated. However, if suspected for chip dumping, the players can lose their whole life savings and even be put behind the bars.

Remember that poker chip dumping is not a small crime as, at times, it helps in money laundering of funds which are earned from real world crimes. Therefore, it should be reported to the casino authorities so that the innocent players do not find themselves involved in that. In case of an online poker game, it must be reported on the security panel of the particular site.

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