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Basics about a deck of cards:

There are 13 different cards in poker –

· Ace (A)

· Rank 2 (2)

· Rank 3 (3)

· Rank 4 (4)

· Rank 5 (5)

· Rank 6 (6)

· Rank 7 (7)

· Rank 8 (8)

· Rank 9 (9)

· Rank 10 (10)

· Jack (J)

· Queen (Q)

· King (K)

There are four suits in each of these four types of cards –

· Diamond

· Heart

· Spades

· Clubs

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What does a case card in poker mean?

This leaves a 52-card deck for us. Now - the Case Card in poker is the last card in the deck of any specific sort. Let's assume, for example, that the flop comes from Kc-Ks-Kh. If you're holding in your hand the King of Diamonds, this means you're holding the case card in poker that is the king or the case King. The case card in poker is also used to describe the only out or the last chance that you or your opponent has at a particular juncture of the game . Hence the name, case card in poker or case card poker.

Check out this Texas Hold'em example to understand the case card in poker better. You hold Ac Ah and your opponent holds Ad, Jd the Jc, Jh, 6d and the 2c are the community cards and the As is the river. You can see that a case card, the only card that can assist you in this situation, has been captured. This is referred to as catching the case card in poker. The case card in poker here is Ace or the case Ace. It is painfully evident often when a case card in poker hits, as in the above example.

Often you would never even know when a case card in poker has hit the board. This is because in other players' hands and in the burn, you will never get to see many of the cards that are out of play. Whether or not it is clear, if the last available card hits, the case card in poker is considered.

Check out another example to completely understand this concept, let's look at an example: You are sitting in an online cash game. You're part of the big blind. The motion folds around the button, bringing in a regular lift. The player at the small blind position folds, and at 3h-3d, you look down and decide to call. The flop is coming. It's a perfect flop for you, because you flopped a set. Your opponent bets, you check, and you call. It gives a turn of 4h. For you, a sweet, safe card. You search again, your opponent bets on the pot, you re-raise all-in and snap calls from your opponent. For a set, you turn over 3h-3d, but your opponent flips over Ks-Kc for a stronger set. Your heart's sinking. Where is the river? The 3c, which was Three is the case card in poker that is on the deck. You pull in a huge pot, much to your opponent's chagrin.

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