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The term bum hunting and bum hunter in poker is often thrown around loosely in many online poker strategy articles. So, what do you think bum hunting means? We'll give you a hint! It has something to do with game selection. Read further to know what exactly bum hunting in poker means. We have also answered the pivotal question of why bum hunting in poker is considered bad.

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bum hunting poker

What does the term bum hunting in poker mean?

Bum hunting in poker is a term that is often used in the process of seeking out weaker players in a poker game or tournament in a bid to gain an edge. After all, the more edge a player has in a game, the more he can expect to win. Vital to this, a bum hunter in poker is a player who opens several online heads-up cash games but then plays against any player he does not have the edge over.

A bum hunter in poker only looks to play against somebody who, in his opinion, is a weak opponent. Weak players are generally more prone to make mistakes than their stronger counterparts.

Today, bum-hunting poker has become fairly common in the poker world, so much so that an increasing number of online poker players utilize this strategy to earn extra cash. Now, though bum hunting in poker is often regarded as a type of game selection skill, it is usually frowned upon; unlike other good game selection strategies,

Poker Bum Hunters

Why is bum hunting in poker considered bad?

When it comes to poker, bum-hunting poker is mostly considered a bad practice. Some major online poker sites have now issued full-scale rulings against potential bum hunters in poker. But why?

To understand why bum-hunting poker is bad, think of it this way, you are sitting at a 6-seated table and have spotted a weak player. Herein, you have gained a small edge in this game because you already know you are better than at least one player at the table.

But bum hunting in poker mostly takes place in heads-up games. Relative to this, bum hunters in poker only seek to play against weaker players, and that too when they know they have an edge in the game. This makes the poker game one-sided, and such a practice ceases to constitute good game selection.

Building on the same, bum hunting in poker is also considered bad because it ruins the game and takes the fun out. Vital to this, when bum hunters continuously target weak players, the weak or recreational players feel they are no longer playing a game; instead, they are just sitting out, bleeding their money without any action or fun.

It is imperative for you to remember that poker bum hunting is generally frowned upon, but it is still not against the standard poker rules and does not equate to cheating.

In the wake of the increasing number of bum hunters in poker, many online poker sites have now introduced the concept of anonymous poker tables. This concept makes it impossible for bum hunters in poker to identify between good and weak players. Herein, the bum hunters have no idea who they are pitted against. Consequently, it becomes impossible for them to track their opponents.

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Why is Broadway Draw difficult to manage?

The reasons which make Broadway draw quite challenging to manage are:

1. Many participants stay in a dilemma on strategizing their game.

2. Player goes through a problematic situation folding if a flush knocks, but simultaneously, he has to accomplish it straight.

3. Remember that the probability of hitting Broadway straight is not much in your favor. We are left with 4 outs to hit.

4. It is next to impossible to fold a broadway after the flop because Broadway shall forever be a nut straight.

5. You are left with only an 8.51% probability of accomplishing your hand by the turn and an 8.70% chance if you go by the river.

6. You might lose money if you run behind chasing the draw.

7. Strategize the number of hands in a way that can beat a broadway. Any flush, full house, 4-of-a-kind, straight flush, and royal flush hand holds the potential to beat you.

Types of Plays That Makes Broadway Draw Difficult

Some additional points can make the broadway complex:

1. A flush draw rival has a far better probability of finishing his hand than a Broadway draw competitor. With 9 outs for the flush, turning a card has a 19.15 % probability by the river and a 19.57 probability by the turn. Your chances of obtaining a broadway are up by 2 times which cannot overpower a flush.

2. A rival with two pairs after the flop has four outs to complete a full house. This basic sense means you will be left with the same odds as against someone competing for a full house by turn or river. Observe your opponent's play and the range it is targeting to achieve. Otherwise, it may prove lethal to you.

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