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Poker is a card game loved and played by all, and a. gazillion terminologies and categories are used. It is pretty common to get confused between all the terms.

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What is the bubble?

One such term is Bubble Boy in poker. The bubble is a particular stage in multi-table tournaments and similar varieties of poker when the next eliminated player in the game will be the last one not getting into the pay zone. In a much simpler fashion, it is the farthest you can go in a game of poker without winning anything.

bubble boy in poker

Example of bubble?

A basic example would be that if 10 players get into the last stage in a tournament where they will win some money, the 11th player will be considered the bubble boy in poker. This term means that when the bubble bursts, the rest of the players in the game would have already assured themselves a minimum amount of payout but not the last remaining player.

Playing The Bubble – Different Strokes For Different people!

Things change when the bubble period ends in tournaments. It is do-or-die time. It is common to see players changing their style depending on the stack in front of them.

This affects whether they decide to consider the existence that will ensure they get their share of the prizes on offer or whether they should play to bust other players.

Categories of bubble Player

  • Survival: The player has priority over survival in this category. Doing so will keep them secure in knowing that doing so entitles them to some victory.
  • Play to win: This player does not intend to take any prisoners. They are playing to win tournaments and intend to use this period to collect more chips.
  • Different Styles: Some players will fold almost every hand, even the good ones. His style of play is as tight as can be. Others will start picking up and handling everything in multiple hands. The size of a player's pile and how other players act will affect these decisions.

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Why is bubble an important part of the game?

The bubble is one of the most important aspects or stages of playing poker because you have to be extremely careful while playing to at least be able to get back a minimum payout. Plenty of poker players differentiate their playing style when the action gets closer to the money bubble. Most players try to tighten up to ensure they get into the lot and are promised a minimum payout, while others ramp up to swipe chips and try their hand at it.

When a player bubbles a tournament or game – they are often known as the bubble boy in poker or bubble girl, which means they have gone the furthest in the tournament without even the minimum assurance of the lowest buy-in. You have nothing to show for all that playing and hard work! This is a situation in which no player would want to be.

It would be best to always prepare for the bubble in any poker tournament. As the bubble closes on your game, assess your situation and form the right strategies to avoid being the bubble boy or girl. Analyze if you are headed towards the bubble as a big or short stack. Identify other players in the game at your table who you can target on the bubble boy poker and benefit from. However, once the bubble ends up bursting, things will change considerably.

The players at short stacks who would have played tight to make some money are now desperate to get into the game and try to run up a stack. If you are one of those on a big stack, you will want to shift levels, and instead of picking on or targeting people, you may sit back and wait for quality hands to land on the table that you can use and take advantage of. There's no need or requirement to gamble at this stage.

You have only two options if you are one on a short stack. You can either be one of those players trying to get it into the game, hoping to mess it up or shake up the game a little, or you can sit tight at the edge of your seat for a while and probably ladder up a pay jump or two when it arrives. Just know and be prepared that when the bubble bursts, action will explode immediately. Adjust and strategize accordingly, and never fall prey to being the bubble boy in poker.

bubble poker

In conclusion, it is very normal for amateurs and novices to be terrified of bubble poker; after all, no one plays poker to watch other players take away all the money at the end. For pros or expert-level poker players, the bubble is when they make some of their biggest strides to set themselves up to win the game or the entire tournament.

If one thinks a tournament is won at the final table, they are wrong about that assumption. It is a common misconception that reaching a bubble is the end of the tournament for a player. Still, it can also be the ultimate framework for victory if the player makes the right moves and chooses the right strategies.

To truly master this stage of the game, you should practice playing different games regularly. To do this efficiently, the best way to indulge in playing online poker games. You can play different poker games and develop the best strategies during the most crucial part of the game. Download the GetMega Poker app now to get started now.

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