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In any game of poker, it becomes too difficult to handle the cash value and therefore, the need for poker chips comes into picture. Poker chips are small disks usually made of plastic. Every player makes their bet using poker chips instead of cash in most poker games in the current world.

Poker chip sets generally come in three colors: white, red and blue. Each color represents a certain amount of money value. Players exchange their chips with an equivalent amount of cash before leaving a game. Therefore, the poker chips are valuable only inside a casino, they are useless outside.

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What do Blue chips in poker represent?

The term “blue chips” mainly refers to high-quality stock trading companies. However, this term has originated in the world of poker only. Each color of a poker chip represents some amount of money and the same goes for the blue chip also. The “blue chips” in poker hold the highest amount of money as a “blue chip” stock would carry the highest value.

The white chips usually carry the lowest value; the red chips carry the second highest value and the blue chips carry the highest value in any game of poker. The normal monetary value of a blue chip in poker is $10 but this value might change according to the different kinds of games and the overall pot value.

Blue chips in poker are rarely used. They are used only in poker limit games and there also, most of the time, the white, red and green chips are used.

Poker chips are very important in every poker game. They help in reducing problems such as theft which can occur due to the use of cash. Most of the commercial poker rooms necessarily use these chips. Though the significance of chips can only be seen in casino poker and not in online poker, it is very important to understand their value and use. It will also be helpful if you are the host of a poker game.

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