Blocker in Poker

Blocker in Poker

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Poker is most often referred to as a game of logic. This makes it easier for proficient players to narrow down on probabilities and possibilities as the game takes different turns. Similarly, the concept of blocker in poker is something that a lot of players use to their benefit. It helps determine the prospective combination of cards that the opponent might be holding.

blocker in poker

It stems from the knowledge about the set of cards you hold and the ones on the table, which gives you a chance at figuring out the opponent’s cards. There are many ways one can use their blocker concepts along with their knowledge on other strategies to optimize the game and maximize the bets. Here we take a broader look at blockers in poker and how they can be used in poker to help you win.

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What is blocker in poker?

As the name lucidly suggests, blocker in poker refers to a card that blocks the opponent from forming certain combinations of cards or to halt them from completing a hand. It is a common strategic play in games such as Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Lowball, where any card can be used as a blocker to a combination of cards.

Let us take a simple example of flushes. You have an ace of hearts and another non-heart card and there are three hearts on the board. Now, you may not have the nuts here but you can also be rest assured of the fact that none of the other players do either. So, by holding onto your ace of hearts, you are blocking your opponent from making a hand. Moreover, having this piece of information helps you play your hand differently. So, by blocking that card, you are bringing in blocker in poker.

How is blocker and bluffing related

How is blocker in poker and bluffing related?

You should be able to comprehend the hands in your range that could potentially block the value hands of your opponent that they are most likely to call during bets. This means you are to call with a hand and fold a stronger hand, both at the same spot due to the effects it can have upon removal. It is a popular theory that the “worst bluff catchers will be hands that block bluffs.” It is self-explanatory that the opponent’s bluffing cards are most likely to be hands with a nine and ten in them and they are aware that these aren’t enough for them to win. Fun fact, nines and tens are also the worst hands with which they can catch a bluff.

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