Big Bet in Poker

Big Bet in Poker

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Beginners in poker are always caught between making too many decisions during the game that should also be the right ones. However, this is what sets a good player apart from others. Not knowing to size your bets is one of the most common rookie mistakes every beginner makes and thereby they are caught in trouble during big bet poker. Here, we discuss how to size your big bets in poker and when to call big bets exactly so as to optimize your output from the given game.

Big bets in poker
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What exactly is Big Bet in Poker?

Poker games having fixed limits constitute two different-sized bets and the larger of the two bets is known as the big bet in poker. In poker variants such as fixed limit Omaha and Hold’em, the size of the big bet is twice that of the big blind. The small bet and big bet sizing are used in the game based on the betting round.

How Big Bet Poker is used in the games?

As per the rules of the fixed limit games, big bets cannot be used randomly or at any point in the game. The player gets to use the fifth, sixth, and seventh streets for betting in Stud games. Whereas, in Omaha and Hold’em, the betting is done in increments of big bets on the river and the turn only. A big bet in poker is symbolized by the term “BB” and shouldn’t be confused with big blinds which are symbolized by “bb”. Big blinds signify the winning probabilities in a particular game.

Calling big bets

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How and when to call your big bets?

So, your strategy to call big bets in poker is majorly dependent on the type of opponent you are playing against and their expertise in the game.

  • Novice players – These players are mostly inexperienced and you cannot expect them to bluff quite often as the expert opponents. They are also unaware of some of the basics of the game which includes knowing hand ranges and their corresponding actions, hence giving you an opportunity to pay off big bets if you have a strong hand compared to others. The best way to beat and play against amateur players is to use raw card odds and assume their cards to have been randomly chosen without any strategy.
  • Wild players – These kinds of players are known to be one step ahead of the amateur players who pretend to be as experienced as the experts but their plays tend to be inconsistent and shabby. They might be better than players from the previous category but they are not good at making sensible strategies. You need to target showdowns and big pots to hunt down these players. These wild opponents try to make over-the-top raises pre-flop. So, once you have identified these players, you should come up with a strategy to flop two against them and wait for them to make big bluffs before you can make a big bet.
  • Short stacked players – If you are playing with these kinds of players, make sure to not fold easily to all-in bets called by them. Once their stacks begin to fall, they make unreasonable bets and this might be your chance to not fold real hands, and raise the pot while you can.

Now that you know what the big bets in poker are and when to use them, it is time to implement this for real in online games. Download the GetMega Poker app now and get started.


What is the maximum bet in poker?

  • The maximum bet in poker typically depends on the specific game variant and the table's betting structure. In no-limit games, players can bet any amount up to the total number of chips they have.

What does "bet big" mean?

  • "Bet big" refers to placing a substantial amount of money as a wager in a gambling game, typically indicating confidence in the strength of one's hand or strategy.

What is a small bet and a big bet?

  • In poker, a "small bet" usually refers to the minimum amount a player can wager in a particular round, while a "big bet" is a larger amount set by the game's betting structure, often doubling the size of the small bet.

What is big bet mix poker?

  • Big bet mix poker refers to a format where the betting structure involves larger bets relative to the pot size, such as in no-limit or pot-limit variants, as opposed to fixed-limit games where bet sizes are predetermined.

How do you win a big bet?

  • Winning a big bet in poker typically involves having the strongest hand at showdown or forcing opponents to fold through strategic betting and bluffing, maximizing the pot size when holding a winning hand, and minimizing losses when the hand is weaker.
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