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When it comes to poker, nothing hurts more than starting with a great starting hand that makes it a winning hand, only to be outdone by another player later. Such an outcome is popularly called a “bad beat” in poker.

As unlikely as it might sound, bad beats are not entirely bad. Precisely because the casinos and card rooms understand what it takes to make a good hand in poker and reward the players with a losing hand in a bad beat with a bad beat jackpot. Building on the same, we have covered the meaning and some working examples of BBJ poker in this post.

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What does the term BBJ poker mean?

The term bad beat jackpot (BBJ Poker) is used when a poker room offers to pay an even amount of money to a relatively strong hand that loses to an even better one. Put, online and live poker rooms often decide to pay out an even amount of money when a very good hand, for instance, quad eights, loses to an even better hand.

It is imperative to remember that BBJ poker is generally divided amongst all the players who participated in the hand played. Vital to this, the losing player in hand usually receives 50% of the BBJ poker amount, while the winning player mostly receives only 25%. After that, the remaining players who participated in the hand split the remaining 25% of the bad beat jackpot equally.

Though the criteria for awarding the BBJ poker differs from one casino room to another, most casino rooms generally expect their players to lose with a minimum of quad eights to hit the BBJ poker.

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BBJ poker – working examples

By now, we assume you must have a fair idea of what a bad beat jackpot means in poker. Well, moving forward, let us explore the concept of BBJ poker further with the help of a short working example.

Let’s assume you are playing a standard Texas Hold'em game wherein you have been dealt Aces of diamonds and Aces of hearts; your opponent says Mike holds King of spades and King of diamonds. The flop round comes, and 3 cards, namely – Ace of spades, Ace of clubs, and King of clubs, are dealt face up. Furthermore, the turn card shows a King of hearts; finally, the river card is a Queen of hearts.

In the above example, Mike would lose the current hand despite holding a four-of-a-kind, Kings, since you hold a superior hand, i.e., four-of-a-kind, Aces. It is crucial to understand that such strong hands-on opposing sides are generally considered adequate to trigger a BBJ poker. Here, the losing player, Mike, will be awarded 50% of the bad beat jackpot amount, while you, the winning player, will win 25% of the BBJ poker amount. Note that different poker rooms generally offer different levels of BBJ poker payouts. Thus, as a rule of thumb, always check the rules of the casino regarding BBJ poker before enrolling in any poker game.

Poker is generally regarded as a game of skill and mathematical calculations. But sometimes, it so happens that situations beyond a player’s skill and control arise in a poker game. Facing a bad beat, to say the least, is one such heart-breaking event in the poker world. But, on the GetMega Poker app, you can redeem your bad beat losses by winning a bad beat jackpot if you suffer a bad beat despite your skill and a good hand. So, what are you waiting for? Just register on the app now and start playing poker today.

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