Backdoor Flush In Poker: Meaning & Top 2 Tips For Playing


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Poker hand rankings are often regarded as the holy grail of the poker world. Now, one such hand ranking that accords a significant importance is the flush. Made with five cards of the same suit, the flush is one of the super strong poker hand rankings. Vital to this, what do you think the term backdoor flush means in poker? Well, in case you are unsure, then keep reading this post because here we have highlighted the meaning as well as the top 2 tips for playing a backdoor flush in poker.

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What does the term backdoor flush mean in poker?

When it comes to poker, a flush that is completed using one card each from the turn and river rounds is generally regarded as the backdoor flush in poker. In other words, when a player is holding 3 out of the 5 cards needed to make a flush and requires only 2 cards from the turn and river cards, then he is said to be holding a backdoor flush.

For instance – Let’s assume you are playing a game of standard Texas Holdem wherein you have been dealt Ace of diamonds and King of diamonds. The flop round comes and 3 cards namely – 6 of diamonds, 7 of hearts and 9 of spades are dealt face up. Here, if you notice closely, you have 2 diamonds for starting hands and 1 more diamond on the board which effectively means you are holding a backdoor flush. Now, all you need is 2 more diamond cards from the turn and river rounds to complete a flush poker hand.

To be honest, the backdoor flush is one of the rarest hands in the world of poker. This is precisely because, when it comes to poker, the probability of making a backdoor flush is actually less than even five percent.

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Top 2 tips for playing backdoor flush in poker

By now we assume you must have understood what a backdoor poker flush means in poker. Moving forward, in this section we have detailed the top 2 tips for effectively playing a backdoor flush in poker.

Always bet aggressively if you have been dealt a backdoor poker flush draw

As a general rule of thumb, you must consider betting in a game of poker if you have been dealt an unpaired hand but the one that consists of a backdoor poker flush draw. This is because betting with backdoor flush hands is generally considered a profitable idea especially when your backdoor flush draw promotes to a flush draw during the turn round. In such a situation, you must bet as aggressively as possible because by making a flush draw from the backdoor poker flush draw you have already earned a significant equity in the pot. Hereon you hold a high chance of catching another card on the river round and taking the pot home. So, you must keep the aggression high and continue betting one barrel after another.

Turn a fold into a call with a backdoor flush

Whenever you have been dealt a backdoor flush draw, look closely, chances are the hand that you thought was worth folding is actually the one worth calling. Confused? Well, allow us to expand on this tip further using a short example:

Suppose in a game of poker, you have been dealt 76 for the starting hands after which the flop round comes and 3 cards – 8 of diamonds, 7 of spades and 6 of clubs are dealt face up. Here, if you are dealt 7 of hearts and 6 of hearts for starting hands then you must fold your hand as early as possible. On the contrary if you have been dealt 7 of diamonds and 6 of diamonds then instead of folding you must place a bet. Precisely because backdoor poker flush draws generally hold far higher pot equity in any game of poker then non-backdoor flush draws.

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