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Anna Kournikova poker hand! So what comes to your mind after hearing this?

Are you thinking about the very pretty tennis player from Russia, Anna Kournikova? Yes, you are correct but what has it got to do with the game of poker? Let’s find out.

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What is the Anna Kournikova poker hand?

The starting hand of A-K in poker is given the name of Anna Kournikova/poker anna kournikova, albeit not so in a positive manner. . It is because both of them share many similarities. The phrase - “look better than play”- best suits both of them. Although Anna Kournikova looks very pretty, she was never really effective on the tennis court. She bursted into the tennis scene in the early 2000s and soon got popular, more for her looks than her decent game style. However, she could not put together a string of good performances to win a grand slam. Moreover, with the Williams sisters (Serena and Venus) coming to the fore, just like many other poker players, Anna too did not stand a chance. Similarly, the A-K poker hand also looks quite promising from the outset but does not really have a good showing later on in the game, more often than not.

Anna Kournikova poker hand

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When was the nickname of Anna Kournikova poker hand first used?

The nickname was first used in a WTP tournament by the commentator, Vince Van Patton, and since then the name got stuck. Now, it is a widely known nickname for a starting hand of A-K.

The two cards look like a strong hand as if they can beat any other hand, but actually it never does. It only takes a pair to beat a hand of A-K, a.k.a Anna Kournikova poker hand. When you have to deal with a poker Anna Kournikova (Ace King), you have to be very defensive. Here, the only way you can win will be when there is a straight draw possible and that too if it can be beaten by a flush draw. The Ace-King hand seems alluring to the player that they have a strong hand. In reality it is strong only when you get three more cards in your favor. Even a pair of twos can beat a hand of A-K. That’s the worst part.

Anna Kournikova poker

How to go about playing an Anna Kournikova poker hand?

If you get the opportunity to hold this A-K pair/anna kournikova poker hand, then you should know how to play with them too. Always try to play, don’t quit. Sometimes you win by just not quitting the game. Observe and Analyze the mind of your opponents. If you look carefully, you can predict what cards they hold or what poker strategy they use, and then play accordingly. The idea should be to make a straight with Ace and King. The pair of Ace-King is also effective in a low-hand game. This is because in tighter games opponents do not give much attention to your cards. And if you hold such a pair, it can prove to be advantageous.

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